Latest developments, tips, and newly identified members of the Winston84 community.

Instagram Deletes Samantha Marika

Imagine how much everything would change, if conservatives of color succeed in realigning America, because they destroyed the Democrat monopoly on America’s Black and Hispanic voters.

Author of “Bronze Age Mindset” Banned From Twitter

The greatest relevance, perhaps, for BAP today in America is his early insight into the growing affinity that America’s nonwhite’s, especially nonwhite immigrants, have for American nationalism.

Black Lives Don’t Matter to the Teachers Unions

Across America, conservatives of color are becoming too numerous and too assertive to ignore.

Democrats Are NOT Entitled to the Latino Vote

We’re not going to buy the same false promises that destroyed great countries like Venezuela and Cuba.

Alejandro Villanueva – Harbinger of the Hispanic Right

Alex Villanueva is a new type of Democrat, destined to completely redefine what it means to be a Democrat.

Tamika Hamilton Personifies Realignment

Hamilton’s most relevant “diversity” is political; she exemplifies how successful conservative politics in the coming decades will accommodate all points of view, from slightly right-of-center to hard right.

Nonpartisan Conservatism

Ward Connerly has fought racism by demanding equal treatment for everyone. But in an irony that could not have been easy, how Connerly fought for equal rights was rejected by liberal Democrats.

Joe Pinion’s Progressive Conservatism

Pinion also breaks a more pernicious stereotype, that all conservatives adhere to the same checklist of causes that liberals detest.

The Books Are Already Burning

To even write about this incurs risk. What do you believe in? What do you advocate? How will whatever it is you hope to persuade more people to work towards be undermined?

Conservatives of Color

This list includes brilliant intellectuals, passionate writers and actors, and a handful of insouciant imps. Most are defined by an authenticity and dignity that puts their counterparts on the Left to shame.

Larry Elder’s Running for Governor of California

California, and America, needs more people like Larry Elder. And they are coming. With increasing frequency and increasing intensity, across America, conservatives of all colors are asserting themselves.

Is the Alternative?

To build an alternate social media website with a dissenting moderation policy, you must first invent the universe. Good luck with that.

Twitter Bans Nick Fuentes

Free speech laws aren’t designed to protect speech you agree with.

Facebook Launches Extremist Snitch Campaign

These moves are not isolated or insignificant. They are part of a rapidly progressing movement to concentrate economic and political power and silence dissent.

LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Inventor

And then, guess what? On July 5th, after much outcry, Dr. Malone’s account was reinstated by LinkedIn. People with less credentials and fewer followers are never so lucky.

National File – Hard News for the New Right

Twitter, like Facebook, YouTube, and, for that matter, Source Watch, is a good place to find alternative voices not because they aren’t trying to silence them, but because they are. Call it the Streisand effect.

Vivek Ramaswamy Demolishes Stereotypes

“We have spent over a decade celebrating our diversity and we have forgotten all of the ways that we are actually the same, united by a common set of ideals as a country.”

COVID-19 Early Stage Therapies Remain Censored

History will not be kind to the special interests that denied hundreds of thousands of people access to treatments that could have saved their lives.

Revolver Alleges Federal 1/06 Provocateurs

The sad reality of mainstream news today is there is very little that can be trusted. Revolver, while clearly hewing to its own set of biases, offers crucial balance.

Will We Ever Know the Truth About the Clintons?

We don’t know if the scores of deaths suffered by former associates of the Clintons are the result of foul play. What we do know, however, is that there is a coordinated attempt to suppress this material.

Nigeria Bans Twitter

Jack Dorsey may not be playing fair in the U.S., and for that we criticize him. But the game Dorsey has to play in nations like Nigeria may elicit a shred of empathy even in his critics.

Facebook Suspends Trump for At Least Two Years

The reason Facebook relies on the highly subjective “danger to the public” rationale for banning Trump from their platform is because it is the only way they can claim he is not entitled to First Amendment protections.

Facebook Now Allows Claims That COVID Was Engineered

Political activists have to operate on Facebook to get their message in front of millions, but they must migrate as many people as they can to their accounts on alternative platforms. That way, on the day that Facebook vaporizes their account, they aren’t completely destroyed.

Ivermectin Therapy Suppressed by WHO and Censored Online

If COVID-19 therapies became popular, trillions in profits and tyrannical new powers would be in jeopardy.

Facebooks “Fact Checkers” Are Partisan Fact Blockers

The ironic bottom line result of organizations like “Science Feedback” is to discredit “science” as a politicized fraud, adding it to the list of institutions for which reasonable people have lost all trust.

Leonydus Johnson – An Advocate for Post Racial Identity

People like Leonydus Johnson are going to save America. Because they are rising up, as post-racial individuals, and demanding that “Who I am has very little to do with my skin color.”

Suppressed Opinions on COVID Vaccines

The only thing we know for certain is that vaccine manufacturers are going to make hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions, and the powers of central governments around the world just got far, far more intrusive.

JW Player Video Software Company Bans Prager U

It’s yet another form of censorship, where the owners of the actual software and hosting companies deny service. No shirt, no shoes, no liberal bias, no service.

Trump Still Banned from Facebook

Facebook is not above the law. Facebook is the law. That is life in America today, and even the president is not immune to their reach.

Conservative Spanish Media Faces Congressional Opposition

Democrat Latinos in the U.S. Congress are terrified that the “sophisticated Spanish-language misinformation campaigns perpetrated during the 2020 election,” might continue into the 2022 election and beyond.

When Brilliance Defies Categorization

In the tradition of Black intellectuals from Thomas Sowell to Alan Keyes, the substance of Clifton Duncan’s philosophy is a colorblind and uncompromising understanding of reality.

Ward Connerly Fights to End ALL Discrimination in America

Behind the scenes, he is quietly building a coalition that may achieve election breakthroughs nobody thought possible. He is a man to watch.

Alan Keyes – A Christian Conservative

Alan Lee Keyes, a Harvard educated PhD, comments on the challenges facing America today with clarity and courage.

New Database Tracks Canceled People

Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, an anonymous researcher has launched a website that tracks people who have been “canceled” for exercising their right to free speech.

Twitter Censors James O’Keefe

The good news, if there is any, is that Twitter and the other social media monopolies cannot completely staunch the flow of contrarian information. There are just too many participants.

“Planet Lockdown” Video Survives – Watch While You Can

Some of the ideas ventured by Fitts stretch credulity, but they are essential concepts for anyone trying to make sense of where we may be headed as a civilization.

When is Factchecking Actually Censorship?

“Factcheckers” provide cover for Facebook to remove content they find politically disagreeable. They target inconvenient truths as “misinformation,” yet exercise leniency for anything that supports their ideology.

Twitter Censors Criticism of BLM Hypocrisy

If Patrisse Khan-Cullors wants to ride the latest leftist/corporate psyop to riches, flaunting her hypocrisy and laughing all the way to the bank, that’s nothing new. But why is Twitter protecting her from criticism?

Will YouTube Remove “Dislike” Icon From Public View?

What YouTube is considering must be seen in the context of what YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and all the major platforms have been doing since at least 2016, which is to consciously manipulate public opinion.

Crowdfunding Sites Block the Right But Not the Left

Perhaps, as Gab is considering, it will become necessary for right-of-center crowdfunding sites, along with all right-of-center websites that engage in internet commerce, to start up their own banks.

How Long Will Marjorie Taylor Greene Last On Mainstream Platforms?

For a variety of reasons, Greene’s voice should be heard. To respect the First Amendment. To adhere to the Section 230 exemptions. And most of all, to offer equal time.

Facebook Suspends Dr. Carol Swain from Video Streaming

Dr. Carol Swain is joined by a growing army of black conservatives that recognize the impossibility of enforcing equality of outcome instead of providing equality of opportunity.

Gab Owns Their Servers. Banking Next?

Gab has shown extraordinary resourcefulness in keeping its technology infrastructure independent. It will be interesting to see if they can do the same with their financial infrastructure.

The Futile War on Memes and Hashtags

Once Urban Dictionary removed “Blue Anon,” dozens of replacement definitions went up. Such is the nature of memes and hashtags. When they strike a chord, they attract harmonious refrains too numerous to silence.

YouTube Bans Trump’s CPAC Speech

When establishment institutions censor the speeches of a former U.S. president, at the same time as they censor countless other counter-narratives of obvious integrity, they destroy faith in American institutions.

Florida and Texas Resist Online Censorship

If Section 230 is scrapped, small alternative platforms would have to censor even more than the big platforms, since they would lack the financial resources to withstand any lawsuits by supposedly aggrieved parties. 

Twitter Deplatforms Rogan O’Handley

What a great catch-all. “Misinformation.” There is an accepted and promoted narrative, and then there’s “misinformation.” DC Draino is just the latest victim of an ongoing erasure.

YouTube Deplatforms Way of the World

Relentless expansion of content deemed ineligible for YouTube’s “commitment to openness” has finally, and permanently, caught Way of the World in its net.

YouTube Censors, Amazon Deletes, Epoch Times Exposes

If the big tech companies that have overwhelmed our public square and public marketplace can do these things, what can’t they do?

Twitter Deplatforms Project Veritas

One of the biggest sources of original alternative content, Project Veritas, is now banned from one of the biggest platforms to reach millions of Americans, Twitter.

Gina Carano is an American Hero

Carano pointed out that only after political hatred is nurtured at the grassroots can it explode into organized genocide. She’s right.

Three More Voices Silenced by Twitter

At the least these suppressed voices were identifying areas where voter integrity must be restored, or it won’t matter any more who runs for office in the future, or what voters want.

“Absolute Proof” Stays Online Despite YouTube Ban

Anyone hoping to avoid further polarization must realize that even if massive, orchestrated voter fraud did not occur, to say that all claims of any fraud, anywhere, are “baseless,” is a patronizing insult.

Parler Is Still Dead

If Parler reappears anytime soon, it will be against all odds. Don’t hold your breath.

Black Conservatives Vie to Replace California’s Governor Newsom

California’s conservatives can learn a lot from these candidates. For starters, the courage to take bold and genuine positions on the toughest issues.

Twitter’s War on Christians

Christian patriots are among the only people left in America who refuse to back down to this onslaught of tyranny hiding within absurdity.

Antifa Drives Andy Ngo Into Exile – Mainstream Press Silent

Throughout the Summer and Fall of 2020, visitors to Ngo’s Twitter feed were treated to irrefutable evidence of the violence convulsing the nation, violence that was dismissed by the press as “mostly peaceful.”

Communication Monopolies Broaden Censorship Tactics

A new wave of content blocking could come from internet service providers, browser makers and email operators.

Vincent James O’Connor Banned From DLive

The censorship in America has advanced beyond silencing individual voices like Vincent James O’Connor, and has now moved to silencing entire platforms.

Censorship Movement Turns to the “Loophole” of Podcasts

Requiring honest “facts” and prohibiting anything “intentionally misleading” as a condition to avoid censorship is a slippery slope. Who decides what is factual? Who decides if someone was wrong, or was intentionally misleading?

American Thinker Disables Comments Section

Ultimately what the establishment fears is open forums that lead to shifts in what is “acceptable political discourse.”

Parler is Dead

This week Big Tech served notice to the American Right: We are going to keep you on the run, we are going to limit your audiences, we are going to keep you small and we are going to watch everything you do.

YouTube Escalates War on Free Speech

High profile acts of censorship mask more subtle operations on lesser known victims. On 1/06 YouTube also removed a video of an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. Posted only two weeks earlier, it already had 3.0 million views.

“Planet Lockdown” – An Interview With Catherine Austin Fitts

If technology makes it possible to live 150 years, and it isn’t possible to keep this secret, why not downsize the population, integrate robots, so you can have a very wealthy and luxurious life without management headaches?

W84 Adds Gateway Pundit, Natural News, and Lame Cherry

Thanks to suggestions from our viewers, we have added three more suppressed platforms to the Winston84 directory. The first of these, and long overdue for inclusion, is the Gateway Pundit, edited by Jim Hoft and active since 2004.

Online Censorship of “Transition Skeptics”

Probably one of the deadliest minefields, among all categories of suppressed discourse, is to venture into the topic of transsexuals with anything apart from absolute adherence to the politically correct perspective. Rather than do that, we’d just like to draw attention to the work of 4thWaveNow, a website and Twitter account that bills itself as […]

YouTube Censors U.S. Senate Testimony on Voter Fraud in Nevada

On December 16, Attorney Jesse Binnall testified before the U.S. Congress on what his team alleges were instances of voter fraud in Nevada. Read here the full transcript of this suppressed video.

Payment Processers Escalate War on Digital Army

RedPill78 is investigating fraud and corruption, and connecting the dots. Listen and see for yourself how close he and others are getting to truths, which if spread far and wide, could be very inconvenient for America’s ruling class.

YouTube Escalates Crackdown on Alternative Content Creators

An ongoing public debate over the impact of fraud on the outcome of the 2020 election would be healthy. But to the extent that debate occurs, it will be done on alterative media.

Lin Wood’s #FightBack Blocked from Facebook and Twitter

Big tech is partnered with establishment media and corrupt special interests within the federal government. There are things they don’t want us to know, and they’re trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

The Migration to Rumble Accelerates

Needless to say, and consistent with our mission, we’re scanning Rumble to find out who in our Winston84 directory have already made the migration.

Daily Kos Attacks Winston84

Articles and websites with lists and profiles of the “bad guys,” operated by liberals and leftists, actually do a favor for those of us who who are trying to find the good guys.

Send Us Your Tireless, Suppressed, Truth Telling Online Warriors

What has become frighteningly obvious this year are two things: online censorship is pervasive and is relentlessly escalating, and there is nothing you will read or view on the establishment media that you can trust anymore.

Tracking the Migration Away From Censorship

Winston84 has just added profile descriptions to its search function. Now, for example, if you search under “Plandemic Movie” or “Clinton Body Count,” etc., you will find profiles featuring that content.

WordPress Deplatforms Conservative Treehouse

The Conservative Treehouse attracts between 500,000 and 1.0 million viewers per day. It is one of the preeminent sources of alternative news in an age, sadly, when nothing the establishment media produces can be trusted.

Alternative News Sources – The New Honest Mainstream

To just get daily news you can trust, consider these six sources; they are as honest as we’re going to find.

Andy Ngo Thrown Off PayPal, Other Payment Platforms May Follow

“Undesirables” are not merely being silenced, they are being completely destroyed economically. The MATCH list used to be reserved for terrorists and drug cartels. Now it’s being used to silence free speech.

Fraudulent Claims of Fraud Doesn’t Mean There’s No Fraud

There is simply too much evidence of election fraud for anyone to summarily dismiss all of it as unfounded. Here are sources of information that are not appearing in searches or on the major platforms.

The Red Elephant Compiles a List of Channels Banned by YouTube

The most recent wave of banishments from YouTube has been hard to track. If you were to count every one of the channels that YouTube turned off, including the smallest ones, there would be thousands of casualties.

“America’s Frontline Doctors” Should Not Be Censored

On July 27, a video that allegedly made “false coronavirus claims” was taken down by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but not before nearly 20 million people watched it.

W84 Adds Praying Medic, The High Wire, Border Hawk, and Pardon My American

Remember: Q is not about what the media claims. On a wide range of sensitive topics, Q is a hive mind of investigators uncovering information the media will not report on. Their right to speak must be defended.

Malcolm Flex Explains How AOC Politicized Twitch

Malcolm Flex, with 56,000 Twitter followers, has recently produced a must-watch video. His tweet accompanying this video says “Don’t underestimate today’s political power players just because they aren’t playing the same game as you.”

YouTube Terminates Mouthy Buddha With 10 Million Subscribers

The wave of channel bans in the past two weeks is one of the biggest yet. You may not have heard of “Mouthy Buddha,” but until last week, he had over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. Ten Million. And just like that, he was gone.

YouTube Bans X22 Report, Red Pill, Q News Corner, and others

In the last few days YouTube has just banned, according to some reports, over 30 more channels. The Winston84 website was built to help people still find these content providers as they are forced to migrate to other platforms.

“Liberal Hivemind” Skewers the Liberal Hive Mind

Active for only eight months, “Liberal Hivemind” has produced over 120 videos and earned 586,000 subscribers. The mission? “Former Liberal, looking to shine light on the hypocrisy that pushed me away from the left.”

Facebook Turns “Fact Checking” Over to Biased Groups

According to Facebook’s fact checkers, a video got taken down because one of the people interviewed has been known to be “partially wrong.” But couldn’t that also mean they could be known to be “mostly right?”

Western Chauvinists Are NOT “White Supremacists”

Western culture under assault from all quarters. From BLM and Antifa in the streets to billionaires in corporate boardrooms, our heritage is being systematically destroyed. Maybe a little “Western chauvinism” is called for.

Comprehensive and Credible Information for Climate Skeptics

If you’re looking for information to challenge environmental policies that are based on poor science, this weekly newsletter has everything you need.

Young Latinos Are Rejecting Socialism

With America’s Spanish television news under the absolute control of liberals, it was a breath of fresh air to see Franklin Camargo, making the case for conservatives.

Trump Supporter Ricky Rebel Breaks Stereotypes

“Trump rallies have bright colors, singing, happiness, and good times. At BLM and Antifa protests, everyone is dressed in black, and they’re filled with violent hatred.”

Facebook Ramps Up Manipulative, Biased Content

Facebook was never just a “platform,” it was always a publishing empire with an editorial agenda. That reality is becoming more explicit.

Parler’s “Erasebook” Makes the Case Against Facebook

Facebook is evil. So goes Parler’s new website,, which makes “The Case Against Facebook.” They even offer instructions on how to download your Facebook history and then delete your account.

Twitter Maintains Ban on Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer, unfairly banned from Twitter in November 2018, has won the GOP primary in Florida’s 21st congressional district. All powerful Twitter does not care.

YouTube Terminates Vincent James O’Connor

This week YouTube terminated the account of Vincent James O’Connor, whose “Red Elephants” channel produced daily videos that had earned him nearly 400,000 subscribers.

Facebook Threatens to Cancel Hodge Twins

The Hodge Twins have committed two crimes against political correctness, they’re pro-Trump, and they make jokes about it. For woke big tech, this is unforgivable!

“Shadowgate” Video Exposes Big Tech Agenda

Big Tech is ushering in a paradigm-shifting revolution both in the manipulation of public opinion and also in law enforcement. Watch “Shadowgate” for more.

Black Patriots

Probably the biggest victims of mainstream media suppression and online censorship are America’s black conservative patriots. And for that reason, they are well represented here.

The Medical Industrial Complex

What are the possible hidden agenda behind the suppression of what could be cheap and widely available medical treatments?

What Is This Q Anon?

If you have heard vague references to “Q” and are wondering what it’s all about, refer to our catalog of Q websites. Watch out. You are going down the rabbit hole.

Debunking the Climate Crisis

So called climate deniers are either ignored by the mainstream media of if they are covered, it is only to disparage them. Unless you know where to look online, you will not find them. We have them here.

Vincent James Offers Inconvenient Truths, Using FBI and DOJ Data

What James bothers to do, all the more valuable because it is utterly missing from mainstream media, is download and report FBI and DOJ crime statistics.

Red Ice TV Ends Up on MATCH List – A Total Bank Boycott

Break certain unwritten rules, and you will not only be pushed into remote corners of the internet, but you may also lose your ability to conduct online commerce.