About Us

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth.”
~ Winston Smith, 1984, by George Orwell

This website collects and catalogs online voices, with links to their platforms, that have been deplatformed, demonetized, shadowbanned, or otherwise suppressed. We may or may not share their opinions, but we firmly support their right to be heard.

Our philosophy for including any online content creator is to error on the side of inclusion. This means that some of the content that is cataloged here may run contrary to our own beliefs. But when what we consider to be extreme left-wing views are increasingly mainstreamed as normal by the establishment press and other opinion makers, we would rather risk including content on the right that we would otherwise reject, than risk instead to participate in the silencing and marginalizing of right-of-center views that must be heard.

It is our opinion that the establishment media, definitely including online media platforms controlled by big tech, has become blatantly biased and partisan. Winston84 is named in honor of the protagonist in George Orwell’s cautionary masterpiece, “1984.” Today there is not only a war on speech that may be considered offensive or morally indefensible. Today there is also a war on truth. Winston84 is offered as one of many challenges to this war on truth.

The few hundred records on this website each point to as many platforms as are known for each of these content creators. If someone is banned on YouTube, but still active on BitChute, then on their record here you will find a link to that BitChute URL, along with links to as many other platforms where they can still operate. We add new platforms as they become significant, and we routinely update records when a content creator has become active on a new platform.

We have divided our records into five categories: Christian Patriot, Climate Skeptic, Free Speech Ally, Irreverent Investigator, and Western Warrior. These categories, while distinct, become somewhat arbitrary in many cases when choosing which category to assign a particular record. For that reason, either scroll through all records when searching for someone, or use our search box. No content creator is assigned to more than one category.

If you believe there are content creators who belong on Winston84, or for any other suggestions, comments, or corrections, use the form on our Contact Us page to let us know. Winston84 is a project of the Center for American Greatness.