Trump Still Banned from Facebook

Over the past year the mission of the Winston84 project has been to identify silenced or suppressed voices online, and provide links so people can find them on alternative platforms. We’ve also tried to offer useful tips, pointing viewers to information that comes up and is immediately suppressed.

Some of our finds are obscure to most people, which is why we highlight them. The “Planet Lockdown” video, featuring an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, is an example. The video can still be found, and is essential viewing for anyone trying to make sense out of where we are headed as a civilization – regardless of whether or not you believe everything Fitts has to say.

Other times we have featured brave warriors whose thoughts ought to be amplified by the online censors instead of suppressed; perfect examples are the many conservative Black intellectuals and activists such as Ward Connerly, who has spent a lifetime fighting for a colorblind society, or just outspoken free thinkers, such as the actor Clifton Duncan.

But the elephant in the room, the biggest voice silenced, the proof that censorship practiced by the online communications monopolies is brazen and knows no bounds, is that of our 45th president, Donald Trump. Using Facebook and Twitter, Trump was able to bypass the lies and distortions relentlessly spewed by a hostile media establishment, and reach hundreds of millions of people.

You may love Trump or hate him, but he did not deserve to be deplatformed by Facebook or Twitter. The fact that they did so is a violation of their Section 230 immunity, which protects them from liability for the posts their users make in exchange for their commitment to operate as a neutral platform, not a publisher.

But when you have tens of billions in your checking account, which Facebook surely does, you can thumb your nose at the law. When you have purchased a national election, which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg surely did, and now have a friendly regime in Washington, the law will bend your way regardless of the merits.

With these realities to fortify their resolve, Facebook has just upheld their ban of America’s 45th president. A scathing description of how they did this and what it means can be found in a recent article published in American Greatness by Julie Kelly. Facebook is not above the law. Facebook is the law. That is life in America today, and even the president is not immune to their reach.

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