Facebook Threatens to Cancel Hodge Twins

Over the past few years the Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin Hodge, have morphed from being a comedy act to becoming pro-Trump political activists. Which is to say they’ve committed two crimes against political correctness, they’re pro-Trump, and they make jokes about that. They poke fun at Trump’s critics, which is unforgivable.

And once again we therefore have the prospect of cancelling. In this case Facebook, where the Hodge Twins have nearly six million followers, has imposed “Page Restrictions.” As the Hodge Twins have shared via a screen shot posted to their Twitter account, “Your page is at risk of being unpublished because of continued Community Standards violations.”

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not publishers. They are platforms. They have federally granted exemption from publisher’s liability because they are platforms. This means they can’t cancel people just because, yet again, a well organized group of militant left-wing activists (including people working for, and running these companies) want them to.

Let’s see what happens to the Hodge Twins. This can’t go on.

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