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Instagram Deletes Samantha Marika

Imagine how much everything would change, if conservatives of color succeed in realigning America, because they destroyed the Democrat monopoly on America’s Black and Hispanic voters.

Tamika Hamilton Personifies Realignment

Hamilton’s most relevant “diversity” is political; she exemplifies how successful conservative politics in the coming decades will accommodate all points of view, from slightly right-of-center to hard right.

Nonpartisan Conservatism

Ward Connerly has fought racism by demanding equal treatment for everyone. But in an irony that could not have been easy, how Connerly fought for equal rights was rejected by liberal Democrats.

The Books Are Already Burning

To even write about this incurs risk. What do you believe in? What do you advocate? How will whatever it is you hope to persuade more people to work towards be undermined?

Conservatives of Color

This list includes brilliant intellectuals, passionate writers and actors, and a handful of insouciant imps. Most are defined by an authenticity and dignity that puts their counterparts on the Left to shame.