Instagram Deletes Samantha Marika

Just in time to slow the spread of Black conservatism in the days immediately prior to the November 2020 election, Instagram deleted Samantha Marika’s account where she had 160,000 followers. She survives on Twitter, where as an outspoken dissident voice she has earned 279,000 followers.

The cumulative impact of hundreds, if not thousands of Black conservatives with social media followings in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, is not lost on the liberal social media monopolies. Where they’re not silenced, they’re shadowbanned.

It isn’t as if Samantha Marika isn’t controversial. Her humor, such as her currently pinned tweet that satirizes some of President Biden’s White House interns, may be offensive to some people. One of her recent Facebook posts that criticizes COVID policies has earned a popup to warn us about the “Partly False Information, Checked by independent fact-checkers.” But you decide: Is this “partly false information,” or just normal political badinage?

“If the masks work…why the lockdowns?
If the lockdowns work…why the vaccinations?
If the vaccinations work…why the masks?
If the masks work…why the lockdowns?
The cycle will never end until you stop complying.”

First of all, this isn’t “information.” It’s a series of questions. There are some inferences, of course, but nothing that might be “false information.” And exactly what is “partly” false information? The inference that the authorities claimed that masks work, or that lockdowns work, or that vaccinations work? Clearly those measures did work, at least to some extent, or they wouldn’t have been tried.

Therefore is the “truth” that these measures only “partly work,” and therefore it is “partly false” to infer that the authorities said that anyone claimed that they work? Does the word “work” have to mean “work fully” or can “work” mean “work partly.” However you analyze this, the Facebook “fact checkers” are on thin ice. Samantha Marika’s transgression wasn’t her command of the facts, or her logic. It was her attitude.

And that’s the threat. America’s right-of-center dissidents have an attitude that is contagious. Hence Marika’s motto: Think for yourself. That’s the virus that scares the political establishment. This isn’t just about COVID. Maybe the government and the CDC are doing the best they can. But this is about everything. America’s establishment institutions have lost credibility. So it should come as no surprise that COVID mandates have elicited suspicion and skepticism, and clever aphorisms that earn “partly false” warnings on social media.

Imagine how much everything would change, if conservatives of color succeed in realigning America, because they destroyed the Democrat monopoly on America’s Black and Hispanic voters. If it happens, by the way, it won’t be a migration to the RINOs. It will be a more fundamental realignment, favoring politicians who authentically embrace the interests of American workers – all of them.

 *   *   *

Author of “Bronze Age Mindset” Banned From Twitter

Three years ago, a self published book entitled “Bronze Age Mindset” quietly became a best seller on Amazon, despite being written by the pseudonymous author “Bronze Age Pervert,” otherwise known as BAP, and despite a complete lack of marketing.

Since that time, “BAP” has been visible on his podcast, “Caribbean Rhythms,” a YouTube channel that hasn’t posted a new video in over a year, an Instagram account that’s been dormant for three years, a Facebook page that’s been dormant for nearly five years, and Twitter, where he has been making frequent entries.

Until now. BAP is banned from Twitter. For reasons unknown, BAP became too much for the censors at Twitter.

If you want to follow someone’s thinking, follow their reactions and analysis of current and random events, and just enjoy and hopefully benefit from connecting with their mind, Twitter remains the default platform. Parler is all but dead, Gab is good but let’s face facts, it’s a cul-de-sac, unlikely to ever attract the wider world of viewers. For that quick window into someone’s snippets of thought, their clever aphorisms and their announcements to the world, Twitter holds the monopoly.

Shortly after Bronze Age Mindset was written, I attempted to explain its significance to the growing populist movements around the world. These excerpts concerning Bronze Age Mindset were just part of a broader analysis of the populist response to globalism. But they are a humble attempt to do justice to what remains an important and original work.

The greatest relevance, perhaps, for BAP today in America is his early insight into the growing affinity that America’s nonwhite’s, especially nonwhite immigrants, have for American nationalism. This possibility, that Americans of all ethnicities will unite to demand policies to protect American workers, preserve American traditions, revere American institutions, and enable ongoing and broad based prosperity for all American citizens, is perhaps the biggest threat to the globalist agenda. It explains the incessant drumbeat from our establishment – America is racist, America is flawed, America must atone, America must reduce itself. But what if this divisive drumbeat is overwhelmed by the populist chorus of a unified people that value national solidarity over racial division?

Twitter has no business banning people like BAP. But we already knew that. Here, from 2019, are comments on Bronze Age Mindset, and its author:

A book that has quietly sold its way into influence and infamy is Bronze Age Mindset, self-published in 2018, written by a pseudonymous author “Bronze Age Pervert,” which he typically shortens to “BAP.” Bronze Age Mindset is a book that disrespects pretty much everything about modern life. Instead, the author exhorts readers to aspire to become the piratical, fearless figures of Bronze Age antiquity. Talk about reactionary!

The author, who in his book periodically dispenses with grammar, recently surfaced to publish a response to a review of Bronze Age Mindset written by Michael Anton. Both the review and the response are valuable reading for anyone trying to understand the evolving mindset of the anti-establishment. Because closely linked to the reactionary resistance to both cultural and economic annihilation is, obviously, a rejection of the so-called ruling class. This sentiment, and little else, unites the Yellow Vest Movement in France. A feeling of being betrayed by the ruling class also informs movements in the United States that are otherwise bitterly opposed to one another. BAP writes:

“What you are witnessing is the unraveling of the postwar American regime—or what is mendaciously called by its toadies the ‘liberal world order’—in a way that is far more thorough than the disturbances of the 1960s, and with consequences that will be far more dire. The ‘altright’ doesn’t exist and has nothing to do with the media representations of it as a form of ‘white nationalism,’ or even—and here is what is crucial to understand—just ‘white males’ or just the ‘right wing.’ The same phenomenon is taking place on the left, and there is much more crossover than older people realize: there is much more involvement also by nonwhite youth and particularly by Latino, Asian, and multiracial youth in this phenomenon than people want to admit.”

In BAP’s essay, titled “America’s Delusional Elite is Done,” he accuses the conservative intellectual establishment of failing to oppose “the violent racial hatred and other forms of unprecedented insanity coming from the new left,” including “the destruction of the family, and the new push to groom children on behalf of transsexualism and other supposed sexual identities.” He points out that “this one crucial matter extends the appeal of the ‘frog people’ far beyond that of any one racial or ethnic group.”

BAP sees resistance to cultural deconstruction as something that is unifying various ethnicities. Economic globalism and cultural deconstruction may have left France open to ethnic replacement and ethnic conflict, but in the United States, these same two mega-trends could form a reactionary and multiethnic solidarity. The difference is that the Yellow Vest Movement unifies a diverse assortment of factions based, so it appears, purely on economic grievances. In the United States by contrast, among the still gestating Bronze Age resistance, the economic factors are present but equally unifying are the cultural grievances.

In the long run, France and the United States face very different challenges with respect to mass immigration. Compared to America, France is a nation poorly equipped culturally to absorb and assimilate millions of immigrants, and—can we say this?—the immigrants entering France are not easily assimilated, insofar as they are mostly African and mostly Muslim. Moreover, France’s mostly secular native population will not find much common ground with the social conservatism practiced by Muslims, whereas a far higher percentage of white Americans are Christian, practicing variants of Christianity that overlap almost completely with those of immigrants to the United States from Latin America.

Until very recently, America’s dominant culture emphasized the importance of assimilation, and even in its atrophied, discredited current state, America’s ability to assimilate its immigrants remains robust. Asian immigrants entering the United States typically come from successful, developed nations, bringing a strong ethic for higher education and entrepreneurship. America’s Muslim immigrants constitute a far smaller fraction of America’s immigrant population, and on average they have more education and skills than the waves of Muslim immigrants entering France. For these reasons, America is far more likely than France to eventually absorb its immigrants while leaving its culture relatively intact.

But BAP isn’t done. Perhaps he offers further encouraging words to those conservative nationalists whose demographic awareness has made them give up when he writes the following: “Conservatives pretend to be able to recruit Latinos to their cause with the degraded ideology of Jack Kemp but Latinos see David French call forced ‘drag queen’ visits for schoolchildren ‘part of free life,’ and want nothing to do with it. We are far better at recruiting Latinos, and as the example of Bolsonaro among many others shows, this new, energetic and popular form of the right is a Latino movement, and it is the future.”

And where is the Davos-cracy in all of this leftist debauchery and conservative cowardice? BAP implicates the “large monopolies that promote mass immigration, mass surveillance, and the most bizarre type of speech restrictions, not only on its own employees, but now on American society at large.” In America, the NeverTrumpers and Libertarians, and all of what Michael Anton may have been the first to refer to as “Conservatism Inc.,” have been worse than useless, they have been puppets of the Davoisie.

Finally, BAP’s observes how the meaning of “equality” has been entirely perverted. BAP writes:

“It is indeed possible to oppose this vicious and exterminationist hatred on purely liberal and racially egalitarian grounds. But this didn’t happen, which puts the lie to the claims that traditional conservatives care about equality under the law or about any of the ideals they claim to espouse. We are now faced with a left that has embraced a dialectic of racial and class destruction in a context where belief in absolute human equality is professed at the same time that no one believes in it anymore.”

In the 21st century, the United States and Europe, France in particular, faces increasingly radicalized, politically disenfranchised, economically abandoned, embittered masses. What mindset they adopt, what alliances they form, may be the surprise of the century.

 *   *   *

Black Lives Don’t Matter to the Teachers Unions

These are the words of Adrian Norman, yet another member of a Black conservative movement in America that is reaching a tipping point.

Published in Newsweek last month, and available on his website, Norman argues that if the teachers unions really cared about Black students, they would support school choice. What are they afraid of? He writes:

“You’d be hard-pressed to traverse the United States and find a public school teacher who does not support the Black Lives Matter movement. Recently, many of those teachers have come under fire for classroom instruction that includes what’s colloquially being termed, “critical race theory” (CRT).

It’s easy to understand the sentiment: Educators feel a sense of duty and responsibility to discuss the effects of racism with youth during those students’ formative years in order to try to impact culture. They might even enthusiastically tell you they’re doing it because they care deeply about black lives. And those efforts are supported by teachers unions that are working to implement CRT nationwide.

Yet, as debate and controversy heat up over CRT being taught in schools, the entire issue seems moot. Because, no matter how much race-based history is added to curricula, teachers unions remain stalwart opponents of the one concrete policy initiative that would all but guarantee greater success for black students: school choice.

We have data from around the country demonstrating the advancement made by black students when their parents are able to send them to schools of their choice.”

Black conservatives, as evidenced by the 60 individuals we’ve compiled profiles for in Winston84’s directory, are a diverse group ideologically and in their backgrounds and circumstances. Some, like Adrian Norman, are public intellectuals with access to national platforms like Newsweek to promote their message. Others, like the comedic Hodge Twins, remain alive and well on social media despite shadow bans and threats of deplatforming.

Across America, conservatives of color are becoming too numerous and too assertive to ignore. Ironically, it was Trump populism that aroused and enthused this movement. Trump’s supposed racism, an accusation without an basis in fact, did not scare away, but rather attracted both long-time conservatives of color, along with countless newcomers. This breakthrough cannot be stopped, and has just begun to be felt in American politics.

 *   *   *

Democrats Are NOT Entitled to the Latino Vote

Jorge Masvidal is a UFC fighter who few Democrats, or anyone else for that matter, might dare to contradict.

In a two minute statement that went viral last year, Masvidal, who already had hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube and Twitter and over two million on Facebook, introduced himself to additional millions of delighted conservatives across America. Explaining that Democrats are not “entitled” to the Latino vote, he went on to say:

“We’re not going to buy the same false promises that destroyed great countries like Venezuela and Cuba.” Masvidal’s remarks, coming immediately before the November 2020 election, help explain why Democrats – and the woke/corporate axis in general – fear the Trump movement so much.

“We either reelect President Trump, and keep America great, or we let Joe Biden destroy the greatest country the world has ever seen,” said Masvidal. “Now I’ve been an athlete for most of my life and I’ve always seen things through a sports lens. That makes Donald Trump our head coach, and before the global pandemic we were winning Super Bowls. And when you’re winning Super Bowls, you don’t fire the coach. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the plays he runs, or the players he puts on the field, or what he says on Twitter. You sure as hell don’t replace him for another coach, that’s been in the business for 47 years at every level, and never won a f—ing game.”

This is well stated. Does anyone really think Joe Biden is doing a good job? Presidencies, like gymnastics and boxing, are scored on points. Let’s concede, for the sake of argument, that Trump was often his own worst enemy, being unnecessarily offensive at times. How many points is Biden’s marginally less offensive personality worth?

Then again, Trump’s high scoring achievements that might have even excited the Democrats were never publicized by the dishonest media. The mystery of why Trump was such a threat is the same mystery that inspires the Winston84 database. Let them try to silence dissent. We will fight back as long as we can.

Masvidal hasn’t changed his politics in the past year. On August 13, commenting “not far from the truth,” he retweeted the following:

“When you’re a gold medalist in Cuba, they gift you a ‘combo.’ Which is a package of goods. A pack of hot dogs. A liter of oil, 2 lbs of cassava, a squash, some plantains, a bag of potato chips, 2 lbs of meat and a cake. Thanks communism.”

Is that where America is headed, in the name of “equity?” Not if Jorge Masvidal has anything to say about it.

 *   *   *

Alejandro Villanueva – Harbinger of the Hispanic Right

The top sheriff in Los Angeles County, Alex Villanueva, has had it with woke insanity. He has become openly critical of the feckless LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and he is supporting the recall of the crime-friendly LA County District Attorney George Gascon. And yet Villanueva is a Democrat.

As the Los Angeles Times recently put it, “he has gone to war with the liberal forces that played a major hand in electing him.”

Reality can do that to a person. Reality is doing that to an increasing number of Democrats in California, who have realized that downgrading drug and property crimes to the level of a traffic ticket has consequences. California’s fair weather and crime friendly laws have incentivized an invasion of not just people down on their luck, but partiers, predators, and derelicts. By the tens of thousands, they have set up camp and taken control of entire coastal cities.

Villanueva’s social media pronouncements are consistently as provocative as they are true. A typical Facebook entry (August 15):

“The woke elites that did not grow up in LA do not understand the history of gang violence and murder in Southern California. It is dangerous (to the rest of us) for them to sit in their nice home offices, in their nice and safe communities, and scream defund the police. For them it is a slogan, but for the victims of murder and gang violence it is totally irresponsible. But since they are not the victims of violence or crime they use racial politics as a veil to hide their own privilege and power.”

Here is a man that checks all the boxes that woke progressives presume to own: He is a Latino and he is a Democrat. Both of those presumptions are destined to be swept away in the coming months and years. Alex Villanueva is a DINO, a Democrat in Name Only. Or, then again, perhaps Alex Villanueva is a new type of Democrat, destined to completely redefine what it means to be a Democrat.

When that happens, the tide will turn. Woke culture may dominate every major institution in the United States. But when Democrats themselves reject the premises of woke progressivism, they may just all like dominoes.

 *   *   *

Tamika Hamilton Personifies Realignment

It’s easy enough for optimists within the conservative movement to say political realignment is coming to America. After all, we’re right on all the issues. Won’t the truth get out?

Then again, optimism can be crushed beneath the weight of reality: Democrats may be wrong. They may be failing ordinary Americans. Their policies may be at best misguided. But they have the overwhelming support of corporations, billionaires, the government bureaucracy, public and private sector unions, academia, and the online and offline media monopolies. So what if you’re right?

That’s why it’s refreshing to see the word “realignment” coming from an unlikely source, a Black female who is running for the U.S. Congress as a Republican. Or as Tamika Hamilton just put it in a tweet from August 7, “there’s a major realignment happening in American politics & we need regular people in office who aren’t afraid of anyone.”

As a “believer, mother of five, and former USAF sergeant,” there probably isn’t much that scares Hamilton. She certainly isn’t afraid of the incumbent she’s challenging. John Garamendi, who has been a politician since 1974, is a generic Democrat whose victories have always been in safe districts. In 2020, when Hamilton first challenged Garamendi for California’s 3rd District, she lost by 9 points. But the times are changing.

First of all, in 2022, Trump’s name won’t be on the ballot, which as we all know is fodder for fearmongering to boost Democrat turnout. Instead, Californians will be looking at two years of a Biden administration, along with two more years of fires and water rationing. Maybe voters in this mostly rural congressional district will decide they’ve had enough. It would only take 4.5 percent of them to change their minds to retire Garamendi, and send Hamilton to Washington.

Tamika Hamilton, a veteran and mother of five, married to a white law enforcement officer, is the face of America’s conservative future. Her politics are moderate, against single payer health care, but in favor of family leave. Hamilton’s most relevant “diversity” is political; she exemplifies how successful conservative politics in the coming decades will have to respect and welcome all points of view, from slightly right-of-center to hard right.

By focusing on pragmatic solutions to issues that matter to all Californians – reliable energy, abundant water, affordable housing, fewer homeless, lower crime, effective education, and common sense forest management – it can be done.

 *   *   *

Nonpartisan Conservatism

According to Democratic politicians from Joe “vote for me our you ain’t black” Biden to Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass) saying “Democrats don’t need any more black faces that don’t want to be a black voice,” if you’re Black, you’re expected to be a liberal Democrat.

Ward Connerly, the man who led the campaign to end affirmative action in California’s universities back in 1996, and came out of retirement in 2020 to defend an attempt to reinstate affirmative action, is not a liberal Democrat. But that isn’t the only stereotype he’s breaking.

Connerly recently posted a series of tweets that asserted his willingness to vote for a Democrat, even though he identifies as a conservative. His tweets, and the argument they put forward, are not going to trend, because they send a message dangerous to liberal Democrats – it’s not your ideology or your party that we object to. It’s your countless policy failures that are too obvious for anyone to ignore. If you would fix them, we might vote for you.

His series of tweets merits posting in their entirety:

1/ At the outset, I was prepared to reject the Recall if Governor Newsom gave a credible defense of the policies that bother so many of us. Instead, he simply fell back on his disingenuous theme of “Republican Recall,” appealed to partisanship and race, and tried to dismiss the

2/ Recall by bullying those who are worried about the current course of our country and our state. True leaders don’t operate that way. I knew Governor Deukmejian personally and Governor Pete Wilson is a very close personal friend. I know that they regarded every citizen as

3/ a person of value and to be respected. Sure, they were also partisans, but once elected, they sought to suppress their partisan instincts. The inherent flaw of one-party rule in a democracy is that it eventually results in lack of accountability, arrogance and contempt for

4/ those who reject blind party loyalty or who are not of your party. This Governor did not learn that lesson as the mayor of SF or the second in command to Governor Brown. Let’s vote!”

The life work of Ward Connerly has been to fight racism by demanding equal treatment. In an irony that certainly was not easy, how Connerly fought for equal rights was rejected by liberal Democrats. And yet he demonstrates his willingness to put partisanship aside, if the ruling Democrats in California were willing to acknowledge their policy failures and come up with new ideas. Instead they engage in the same pandering that motivated their countless attempts to undercut California’s ban on affirmative action.

Equal rights. Equal treatment. That is the only genuine way to show respect for all people. Ward Connerly gets it. And there is nothing partisan about it.

 *   *   *

Joe Pinion’s Progressive Conservatism

If you watch the latest commentary by Joe Pinion on Newsmax, you will find another refreshing conservative departure from libertarian naivete on the topic of online censorship. It might be tough, but more people have to try to thread the needle between free market principles and regulating monopoly power.

Pinion, who ran for New York’s 90th State Assembly seat in 2018, is comfortable with nuance. When he was recently asked about climate change, Pinion said that the discussion should focus on topics such as whether carbon capture and nuclear are integral to the climate solution or whether investing more federal funds in renewables development is the right solution — not whether someone believes in the science of climate change.

Pinion is wrong to suggest that we shouldn’t debate the science of climate change – debate and skepticism are the lifeblood of all science – but that wasn’t his point. He was suggesting that a constructive way forward is to focus on energy solutions that make economic and environmental sense regardless of whether or not you believe in climate change.

This blended approach, acknowledging environmentalist concerns but skipping ahead to the solutions, which even might include the controversial choice of nuclear power, may be what defines what Pinion refers to as his “progressive conservatism.”

Pinion’s conservative credentials are not in question, as exemplified by his well documented opposition to critical race theory, and his passion for exposing how the Left attempts to downplay its reach.

What is refreshing about Joe Pinion’s politics is how he breaks so many stereotypes. He’s not just a Black conservative, breaking the most obvious stereotype, that Blacks aren’t conservatives.

Pinion also breaks a more pernicious stereotype, that all conservatives adhere to the same checklist of causes that liberals detest. Pinion, like Lomborg, Pielke, Shellenberger, and a host of other public intellectuals, is willing to move straight past the debate over climate change to the more practical question of finding realistic solutions.

Joe Pinion is yet another rising star in the conservative – oops – the conservative progressive movement. Not easily pigeonholed, he is the kind of thinker America needs.

 *   *   *

The Books Are Already Burning

A tweet from Jordan Peterson. An essay from Bari Weiss. Both in defense of an author whose book, Irreversible Damage, has been relentlessly attacked. Inexplicably, the ACLU has called for it to be banned. This book’s transgression? As the author, Abigail Shrier put it, it is “an exploration of why so many girls would, in such a short timeframe, decide they are transgender. And it raises questions about whether they’re getting appropriate medical treatment.”

How on earth can a topic like this be considered so toxic, so threatening, that the ACLU would support a censorship campaign? Bari Weiss, who resigned from the New York Times in protest of their culture of hatred, harassment and suppression of dissenting voices, has spoken up in support of Abigail Shrier. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychology professor who became famous when he refused to obey a new law that made it a crime to refuse to use someone’s proclaimed gender pronouns, has also been supportive of Shrier. But these are celebrities who have themselves been targets.

To really get a taste of how vitriolic the cancel mob has become, consider the case of Dr. Harriet Hall, a family physician who posted a favorable review of Irreversible Damage on the website Science-Based Medicine. Within days, thousands of comments, emails and calls to the editors led them to issue a retraction and remove the review.

In Shrier’s essay, posted as a guest column on the substack account of Bari Weiss, she calls for people to stand up to this mob. But Shrier also acknowledges the risk:

“The fear these silent supporters express is rational. Even the most ordinary comments can get you branded as persona non grata, some flavor of ‘phobe’ or ‘ist.’ Hardly a week goes by without a story of some professor being reprimanded, a starlet losing a job, or a young reality TV figure abjectly apologizing for something he said that was completely obvious and true. Others have faced more profound threats — parents to the custody of their children, journalists and even editors of scientific journals to their physical safety. People I respect have lost livelihoods and marriages.”

This is what it has come to, with the full complicity of the internet communications monopolies. This has nothing to do with respect for the dignity of transsexuals. It has to do with whether or not children should be encouraged to do what may be irreversible damage to their bodies and their psyches.

To even write about this incurs risk. What do you want to accomplish? What are your goals, not only in your relationships and your career, but in the wider world? What do you believe in? What do you advocate? How important is your reputation? How will whatever it is you hope to persuade more people to work towards be undermined, if you are tagged as a “transphobe,” or whatever other “…phobe” or “…ist” that it’s now so easy to call someone?

There are many battles being waged. Many causes. Many controversies. Cancel culture, applied with extreme bias by big tech, has decided if you merely want women like Abigail Shrier to be given a fair hearing, on an issue affecting the future happiness of children, you are a bigot.

That is wrong. More people should defend Abigail Shrier’s right to speak her mind, come what may.

 *   *   *


Conservatives of Color

If anyone still thinks that “demographics is destiny,” they’re not paying attention. Little by little, and inexorably, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and gays are embracing conservative politicians and fighting for conservative values.

The idea that the conservative movement might acquire momentum by attracting a critical mass of leaders who are not aging white males is a mortal threat to the American Left. It terrifies them. And that is exactly what’s happening.

There’s a reason that Larry Elder had to sue California Secretary of State Shirley Weber to get included on the upcoming September 14 recall election as a gubernatorial candidate. Larry Elder and Shirley Weber are both Black. But Shirley Weber is a quintessential Democratic politician, someone who spent her entire life in academia and the public sector. Larry Elder, on the other hand, is a self-made man who has spent his entire life in the private sector.

If people like Larry Elder gain access to the national stage to espouse their values, the monolithic bloc of Black voters who turn in majorities for Democrats, year after year, in the 90 percent range, will be undermined yet again. Eventually the monolith will not just be cracked. It will fall down completely, and America will realign behind conservatives.

This trend was demonstrated in 2020, as reported in a Newsweek article from October of that year where an election survey revealed an astonishing 24 percent of registered Black voters intended to vote for Trump. For all his image problems, often self-inflicted but magnified nonstop by a biased media, Trump had won over 24 percent of Black voters, which is more than twice what Republicans had previously been able to attract.

What about Hispanics? Consider the 2020 election results in South Texas. As suburban households defected to Biden, it was the Hispanic vote in the Rio Grande Valley that carried the state for Trump. Based on the chaos breaking on America’s southern border in 2021, Texas is going to be a red state for a long time to come, and Hispanics are indeed driving that destiny.

These conservatives are a diverse group. The list includes brilliant intellectuals, passionate writers and actors, and a handful of insouciant imps. But most of these individuals are defined by an authenticity and dignity that puts their counterparts on the Left to shame. Review this list, and know that thanks to them, Americans may be optimistic about the future of the nation.

Derrick Blackman

Jermain Botsio

Dr. Kynan Bridges

Taleed Brown

Mark Burns

Anthony Cabassa

Franklin Andres Camargo

Austin Chenge

Ward Connerly

Horace Cooper

Chandler Crump

Stacy Dash

Patricia Dickson

Byron Donalds

Jamarcus Dove-Simmons

Dinesh D’Souza

Clifton Duncan

Wayne Dupree

Larry Elder

AJ Faleski

Damani Bryant Felder

Malcolm Flex

Inaya Folarin Iman

Kmele Foster

Shekinah Geist

Ricky Godinez

Bryson Gray

Lynnett Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson

David J Harris

James T Harris

Christopher Harris

Zach Hing

Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge

Peggy Hubbard

Emma Jimenez

Will Johnson

Kash Lee Kelly

Alan Lee Keyes


Kimberly Klacik

Anthony Brian Logan

Anna Paulina Luna

Jay McCaney

Jon Miller

Mind of Jamal

Chadwick Moore

Douglass Murray

Andy Ngo

Mike Nificent

Antonia Okafor

Candace Owens

Star Parker

Robert Patillo

Joel Patrick

CJ Pearson

Jesse Lee Peterson

S.A. Rivera

Omar Rivero

Deron Slater

Rob Smith

Brandon Straka

Carol Swain

Brandon Tatum

Joy Villa

Errol Webber

Allen West

Terrence K Williams

Major Williams

Jevon O.A. Williams

Justin Wilson

Milo Yiannopoulos

 *   *   *