Democrats Are NOT Entitled to the Latino Vote

Jorge Masvidal is a UFC fighter who few Democrats, or anyone else for that matter, might dare to contradict.

In a two minute statement that went viral last year, Masvidal, who already had hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube and Twitter and over two million on Facebook, introduced himself to additional millions of delighted conservatives across America. Explaining that Democrats are not “entitled” to the Latino vote, he went on to say:

“We’re not going to buy the same false promises that destroyed great countries like Venezuela and Cuba.” Masvidal’s remarks, coming immediately before the November 2020 election, help explain why Democrats – and the woke/corporate axis in general – fear the Trump movement so much.

“We either reelect President Trump, and keep America great, or we let Joe Biden destroy the greatest country the world has ever seen,” said Masvidal. “Now I’ve been an athlete for most of my life and I’ve always seen things through a sports lens. That makes Donald Trump our head coach, and before the global pandemic we were winning Super Bowls. And when you’re winning Super Bowls, you don’t fire the coach. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the plays he runs, or the players he puts on the field, or what he says on Twitter. You sure as hell don’t replace him for another coach, that’s been in the business for 47 years at every level, and never won a f—ing game.”

This is well stated. Does anyone really think Joe Biden is doing a good job? Presidencies, like gymnastics and boxing, are scored on points. Let’s concede, for the sake of argument, that Trump was often his own worst enemy, being unnecessarily offensive at times. How many points is Biden’s marginally less offensive personality worth?

Then again, Trump’s high scoring achievements that might have even excited the Democrats were never publicized by the dishonest media. The mystery of why Trump was such a threat is the same mystery that inspires the Winston84 database. Let them try to silence dissent. We will fight back as long as we can.

Masvidal hasn’t changed his politics in the past year. On August 13, commenting “not far from the truth,” he retweeted the following:

“When you’re a gold medalist in Cuba, they gift you a ‘combo.’ Which is a package of goods. A pack of hot dogs. A liter of oil, 2 lbs of cassava, a squash, some plantains, a bag of potato chips, 2 lbs of meat and a cake. Thanks communism.”

Is that where America is headed, in the name of “equity?” Not if Jorge Masvidal has anything to say about it.

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