Instagram Deletes Samantha Marika

Just in time to slow the spread of Black conservatism in the days immediately prior to the November 2020 election, Instagram deleted Samantha Marika’s account where she had 160,000 followers. She survives on Twitter, where as an outspoken dissident voice she has earned 279,000 followers.

The cumulative impact of hundreds, if not thousands of Black conservatives with social media followings in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, is not lost on the liberal social media monopolies. Where they’re not silenced, they’re shadowbanned.

It isn’t as if Samantha Marika isn’t controversial. Her humor, such as her currently pinned tweet that satirizes some of President Biden’s White House interns, may be offensive to some people. One of her recent Facebook posts that criticizes COVID policies has earned a popup to warn us about the “Partly False Information, Checked by independent fact-checkers.” But you decide: Is this “partly false information,” or just normal political badinage?

“If the masks work…why the lockdowns?
If the lockdowns work…why the vaccinations?
If the vaccinations work…why the masks?
If the masks work…why the lockdowns?
The cycle will never end until you stop complying.”

First of all, this isn’t “information.” It’s a series of questions. There are some inferences, of course, but nothing that might be “false information.” And exactly what is “partly” false information? The inference that the authorities claimed that masks work, or that lockdowns work, or that vaccinations work? Clearly those measures did work, at least to some extent, or they wouldn’t have been tried.

Therefore is the “truth” that these measures only “partly work,” and therefore it is “partly false” to infer that the authorities said that anyone claimed that they work? Does the word “work” have to mean “work fully” or can “work” mean “work partly.” However you analyze this, the Facebook “fact checkers” are on thin ice. Samantha Marika’s transgression wasn’t her command of the facts, or her logic. It was her attitude.

And that’s the threat. America’s right-of-center dissidents have an attitude that is contagious. Hence Marika’s motto: Think for yourself. That’s the virus that scares the political establishment. This isn’t just about COVID. Maybe the government and the CDC are doing the best they can. But this is about everything. America’s establishment institutions have lost credibility. So it should come as no surprise that COVID mandates have elicited suspicion and skepticism, and clever aphorisms that earn “partly false” warnings on social media.

Imagine how much everything would change, if conservatives of color succeed in realigning America, because they destroyed the Democrat monopoly on America’s Black and Hispanic voters. If it happens, by the way, it won’t be a migration to the RINOs. It will be a more fundamental realignment, favoring politicians who authentically embrace the interests of American workers – all of them.

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