Conservatives of Color

If anyone still thinks that “demographics is destiny,” they’re not paying attention. Little by little, and inexorably, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and gays are embracing conservative politicians and fighting for conservative values.

The idea that the conservative movement might acquire momentum by attracting a critical mass of leaders who are not aging white males is a mortal threat to the American Left. It terrifies them. And that is exactly what’s happening.

There’s a reason that Larry Elder had to sue California Secretary of State Shirley Weber to get included on the upcoming September 14 recall election as a gubernatorial candidate. Larry Elder and Shirley Weber are both Black. But Shirley Weber is a quintessential Democratic politician, someone who spent her entire life in academia and the public sector. Larry Elder, on the other hand, is a self-made man who has spent his entire life in the private sector.

If people like Larry Elder gain access to the national stage to espouse their values, the monolithic bloc of Black voters who turn in majorities for Democrats, year after year, in the 90 percent range, will be undermined yet again. Eventually the monolith will not just be cracked. It will fall down completely, and America will realign behind conservatives.

This trend was demonstrated in 2020, as reported in a Newsweek article from October of that year where an election survey revealed an astonishing 24 percent of registered Black voters intended to vote for Trump. For all his image problems, often self-inflicted but magnified nonstop by a biased media, Trump had won over 24 percent of Black voters, which is more than twice what Republicans had previously been able to attract.

What about Hispanics? Consider the 2020 election results in South Texas. As suburban households defected to Biden, it was the Hispanic vote in the Rio Grande Valley that carried the state for Trump. Based on the chaos breaking on America’s southern border in 2021, Texas is going to be a red state for a long time to come, and Hispanics are indeed driving that destiny.

These conservatives are a diverse group. The list includes brilliant intellectuals, passionate writers and actors, and a handful of insouciant imps. But most of these individuals are defined by an authenticity and dignity that puts their counterparts on the Left to shame. Review this list, and know that thanks to them, Americans may be optimistic about the future of the nation.

Derrick Blackman

Jermain Botsio

Dr. Kynan Bridges

Taleed Brown

Mark Burns

Anthony Cabassa

Franklin Andres Camargo

Austin Chenge

Ward Connerly

Horace Cooper

Chandler Crump

Stacy Dash

Patricia Dickson

Byron Donalds

Jamarcus Dove-Simmons

Dinesh D’Souza

Clifton Duncan

Wayne Dupree

Larry Elder

AJ Faleski

Damani Bryant Felder

Malcolm Flex

Inaya Folarin Iman

Kmele Foster

Shekinah Geist

Ricky Godinez

Bryson Gray

Lynnett Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson

David J Harris

James T Harris

Christopher Harris

Zach Hing

Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge

Peggy Hubbard

Emma Jimenez

Will Johnson

Kash Lee Kelly

Alan Lee Keyes


Kimberly Klacik

Anthony Brian Logan

Anna Paulina Luna

Jay McCaney

Jon Miller

Mind of Jamal

Chadwick Moore

Douglass Murray

Andy Ngo

Mike Nificent

Antonia Okafor

Candace Owens

Star Parker

Robert Patillo

Joel Patrick

CJ Pearson

Jesse Lee Peterson

S.A. Rivera

Omar Rivero

Deron Slater

Rob Smith

Brandon Straka

Carol Swain

Brandon Tatum

Joy Villa

Errol Webber

Allen West

Terrence K Williams

Major Williams

Jevon O.A. Williams

Justin Wilson

Milo Yiannopoulos

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