YouTube Terminates Vincent James O’Connor

This week YouTube terminated the account of Vincent James O’Connor, whose “Red Elephants” channel produced daily videos that had earned him nearly 400,000 subscribers.

YouTube, as usual, provided no information for the ban. O’Connor’s content, while certainly unpalatable to the politically correct, included diligent research. He backed up his arguments with well documented facts that cannot easily be found anywhere, much less on any mainstream media. He certainly said nothing that wouldn’t be protected under the First Amendment.

In anticipation of being banned, O’Connor launched a BitChute channel, The Red Elephants, but even with already 40,000 subscribers it has nowhere near the reach of the original, which took several years, and thousands of hours of work. And that is the intention of big tech censorship; to erase the work of right-wing dissidents, and make them start over.

O’Connor can also still be found on Telegram, DLive, Parler, and Gab, but as we’ve seen with other banned channels that have migrated to these alternatives, so far none of them have managed to attract even a small fraction of the subscribers and views they’d acquired on YouTube.

Like it or not YouTube has a near monopoly on the online audience for long-form videos. Even when relentlessly suppressed, dissident voices on YouTube reach far more viewers than they will anywhere else.

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