Alan Keyes – A Christian Conservative

In America today, all it takes to be suppressed in social media is to be known as a Christian conservative. For Alan Lee Keyes, a Harvard educated PhD who happens to be Black, also being a Christian and a conservative makes him especially embarrassing to the white overlords who determine what goes viral and what gets “throttled down.” So don’t expect to run across a Tweet from Keyes showing up in your feed, or expect to easily find him in a Google search.

This is a shame, because Keyes, a Harvard educated PhD, comments on the challenges facing America today with clarity and courage. Consider this quote from his website:

“Unlike today’s political shysters, the Founders didn’t deal in conclusions. They dealt in reasoning, and presented their conclusions in logical terms. This is what I try to do in all that I write. My aim is not to please with agreeable words, but to inform with sound reasoning and logic in order to substantiate reasonable conviction. If we truly respect the American founding, we must never agree to be estranged from it. We must never let the founding generation’s way of speaking and thinking become so alien and unfamiliar to us that we come to live, as it were, in another country.”

Keyes’s has little time for phony conservatives, writing this about Mitt Romney: “The greatest difference between Romney and Obama was that Romney could boast that he imposed a more radical government takeover on the people of Massachusetts than Obama managed to get in the Obamacare legislation.”

At age 70, Alan Lee Keyes remains in his intellectual prime during one of the most consequential periods in American history. If he was, like so many, bought off and willing to use his gifts to promote critical race theory and related gibberish, his name would probably be a household word. He would be a perennial guest on the major left wing cable networks and he would be boosted to prominence on every social media platform. As it is, his Christian faith and his devotion to America’s founding principles makes even the right-of-center producers at Fox News leery of giving him too much exposure.

This is a shame for many reasons. It denies Alan Keyes the recognition he’s earned. It is yet another example of how big tech has betrayed America’s most cherished traditions. Worse still, it denies the Black community a powerful voice of reason and vision. Instead, the messages delivered to Black voters are dominated by leftist “leaders” who are bought and paid for by a leftist oligarchy that wants nothing but their votes and their quiescence.

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