YouTube Censors U.S. Senate Testimony on Voter Fraud in Nevada

On December 16, Attorney Jesse Binnall testified before the U.S. Congress on what his team alleges were instances of voter fraud in Nevada. His five minute testimony is packed with details; it is a must-watch video for anyone wanting to learn more about what may have really happened during the 2020 presidential election, not only in Nevada, but across America.

Apparently YouTube agreed. Click here to get the message “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

What guidelines?

Online videos of Binnall’s testimony can still be found, undoubtedly with suppressed views, on the Facebook page of the Nevada Republican Party, as well as probably on this C-Span archive if you’re willing to rut around until you find it, and even HERE – get this, on a sparsely viewed YouTube channel – 116 subscribers – called “Jazz Rock Fusion & Synthesizer Music.” Apparently this lover of music loves freedom as well, because this is the channel’s only political video among scores of soundscapes and jams and assorted tunes. Thank you!

Binnall’s road to the U.S. Senate passed through the courthouses of Nevada, where the cards were stacked and rigged against his team at every stage, from factfinding to getting a fair hearing. Here’s a transcript of Binnall and his team’s Nevada appearance before a Nevada judge on December 3. But what was a labored, obstructed and ultimately fruitless effort in Nevada was distilled into five minutes of some of the most damning testimony you will every hear on December 16 before a U.S. Senate committee.

Which is why YouTube banned it back when it was hot, back when it was going viral. This is a key strategy of online censors today – they stamp out the fire when it’s hot and spreading fast, but they let the embers of truth burn on the obscure sites and platforms. If a fire ever reaches critical mass, they turn back on the fire hose. And sadly, it’s working.

For those who won’t forget, or who don’t want to pretend that nothing happened, find these embers of truth. Find these source videos. And find the transcripts. A transcript of Binnall’s testimony can also be found on an official U.S. Senate website, but only in the less searchable PDF format. For that reason, Binnall’s five minute’s of remarks, in their entirety, are written here:

Jesse Binnall’s Opening Statement – U.S. Senate Hearing on Election Fraud – December 16, 2020:

Thank you Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Peters, and members of the committee.

This year thousands upon thousands of Nevada voters had their voices canceled out by election fraud and invalid ballots. Here’s how it happened:

On August 3, 2020, after a rushed special session, Nevada legislators made drastic changes to the state’s election law by adopting a bill known as AB 4. The vulnerabilities of this bill were obvious. It provided for universal mail in voting without sufficient safeguards to authenticate voters or ensure the fundamental requirement that only one ballot was sent to each legally qualified voter. This was aggravated by election officials’ failure to clean known deficiencies in their voter rolls.

Because of AB 4, the number of mailed ballots rocketed from about 70,000 in 2016 to over 690,000 this year. The election was inevitably riddled with fraud and our hotline never stopped ringing. While the media and the Democrats accused us of making it all up our team began chasing down every lead. Our evidence came both from data scientists and from brave whistleblowers. Here’s what we found:

Over 42,000 people voted more than once. Our experts were able to make this determination by reviewing the list of actual voters and comparing it to other voters with the same name, address, and date of birth. This method was also able to catch people using different variations of their first name such as William and Bill and individuals who registered both under a married name and a maiden name.

At least 1,500 dead people are recorded as voting as shown by comparing the list of mail voters with the Social Security death records.

More than 19,000 people voted, even though they didn’t live in Nevada. This does not include military voters or students. These voters were identified by comparing the list of voters with the US Postal Service’s National Change of Address database, among other sources.

About 8,000 people voted from non-existent addresses. Here we cross-reference voters with the coding accuracy support system [CASS], which allowed our experts to identify undeliverable addresses.

Over 15,000 votes were cast from commercial or vacant addresses. Our experts found these voters by analyzing official US Postal Service records that flag non-residential addresses and addresses vacant for more than 90 days.

Incredibly, almost 4,000 non-citizens also voted as determined by comparing official DMV records of non-citizens to the list of actual voters in the2020 election.

The list goes on. All in all, our experts identified 130,000 unique instances of voter fraud in Nevada, but the actual numbers are almost certainly higher. Our data scientists made these calculations not by estimations or statistical sampling, but by analyzing and comparing the list of actual voters with other lists, most of which are publicly available.

To put it simply, they explain their methods, so others can check their work. Our evidence has never been refuted, only ignored.

Two Clark County Technical employees came forward, completely independent of each other, and explained that they discovered that the number of votes recorded by voting machines and stored on USB drives would change between the time the polls were closed at night and when they were reopened the next morning. In other words, votes were literally appearing and disappearing in the dead of night.

When we attempted to verify the integrity of these voting machines, we were only allowed a useless visual inspection of the outside a USB drive. We were denied a forensic examination.

Finally, our investigation also uncovered a campaign to illegally incentivize votes from marginalized populations, by requiring people to prove that they voted in order to receive raffle tickets for gift cards, televisions, and more.

Our determined team verified these irregularities without any of the tools of law enforcement such as grand jury, subpoenas, or FBI agents. Instead, we had less than a month using critical thinking and elbow grease to compile our evidence. We tried to obtain testimony or documents from Clark County officials, but they obstructed and stonewalled. When we filed suit, state officials and even courts delayed proceedings for days, but then offered us merely hours to brief and argue our cases.

In wrapping up Mr. Chairman, these findings are disturbing, alarming, and unacceptable in a free society. Our free and fair election tradition is a precious treasure that we are charged with protecting. Government by the consent of the governed is hard to win and easy to lose. Every single time a fraudulent or illegal vote is cast, the vote of an honest citizen is canceled out. Thank you.

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