Online Censorship of “Transition Skeptics”

Probably one of the deadliest minefields, among all categories of suppressed discourse, is to venture into the topic of transsexuals with anything apart from absolute adherence to the politically correct perspective. Rather than do that, we’d just like to draw attention to the work of 4thWaveNow, a website and Twitter account that bills itself as “youth transition skeptics.”

It took some digging, but it appears that “4th Wave Now” is how the site’s authors assert their embrace of “4th wave feminism,” as opposed to being labeled “TERFs,” which stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.” While most of us on the Right believe identity politics is a massive distraction designed to occupy the minds of people who might otherwise pay attention to things like, oh, say, the loss of American sovereignty or the consolidation of political and economic power by a globalist oligarchy or the increasing irrelevancy of the Bill of Rights, for leftists, identity politics are of paramount importance. And to be fair, in the case of transsexuals, when someone is contemplating a medical procedure as profound as sex reassignment, how they define their “identity” is indeed consequential.

But that’s the point of this brave website, operated by an avowed leftist, who has had their Twitter account repeatedly censored, and was banned from Medium, for straying ever so slightly from the agenda of mainstream transsexual approved thought. Or as they put it: “A community of people who question the medicalization of gender-atypical youth.”

In plain English – and this will undoubtedly get some nuance wrong – this website is providing a forum for people who question the prevailing medical bias towards rapid diagnosis of young children not only with gender dysphoria, but also towards irreversible medical treatments designed to “confirm” the new sex of the patient.

This website probably would be censored more if they posted more often and had more visitors. Consider the price paid by other dutiful leftists such as JK Rowling, who by merely questioning the approved narrative of the transsexual community has been dubbed an “aggressive biological essentialist” along with the more intelligible stigma, “transphobe.” JK Rowling is going to be harassed for the rest of her life.

In the context of free speech and online censorship, which is the point of including 4thWaveNow in the Winston84 directory, one must reflect on how slight their violations were to nonetheless invite such a heavy response from Twitter. Trans activism, like so much on the Left, is intolerant in the extreme, and yet it informs the censorship policies of the major online platforms.

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