Vincent James Offers Inconvenient Truths, Using FBI and DOJ Data

This outstanding video, entitled “More Bread, Less Crime,” may serve as an introduction to Vincent James, one of the last purveyors of uncomfortable truths to still survive – suppressed, demonetized, but alive – on YouTube.

What James bothers to do, all the more valuable because it is utterly missing from mainstream media, is download and report FBI and DOJ crime statistics. In so doing, he debunks virtually all of the truisms promulgated by the media establishment.

Skip to 5:40 and 7:20 for examples of honest, factual reporting by James of material that, were it present in mainstream reports, would put much of the prevailing narratives regarding crime into valuable context.

James doesn’t just put source data onto his screen and talk about it, he uses the data to produce his own graphics, such as this revelatory bar graph at 10:50 that shows homicide rates in some of the most violent nations on earth, comparing favorably to major American cities, where the rates are higher still.

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