Young Latinos Are Rejecting Socialism

Most conservatives are aware that the English language media in the United States have an overwhelming liberal bias, so much so that in this election season they really ought to register as PACs for the Joe Biden presidential campaign. But Spanish language media is even more biased, with both major networks, Telemundo and Univision, totalmente dominated by liberal Democrat, pro-Biden programming and “news.”

Thus it was a pleasant surprise to see a conservative, Franklin Camargo, speaking for “Latinos for Trump,” interviewed on a recent Spanish language television show. Camargo’s first language is Spanish, and he more than held his own in a brief point-counterpoint with a pro-Biden spokesperson. As a young medical student in Venezuela, he fled for his life because of his outspoken opposition to socialism.

Two YouTube videos sponsored by The Atlas Society feature Camargo speaking in English. He can be viewed making an eloquent case for “Why Socialism is a Dangerous Idea,” or explaining “How Collectivism Destroyed Venezuela.” Camargo speaks from experience, and is in the vanguard of an awakening among American Latinos that will reject socialism, and realign American politics.

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