Alternative News Sources – The New Honest Mainstream

Winston84 features a directory where every single profile we’ve included has something valuable to offer. Even those we find controversial are included for a reason – within the content they produce are ideas and facts you cannot find anywhere in the establishment media. And they have a right to be heard.

According to conservative columnist David Goldman, writing for PJ Media, Google is on the verge of completely eliminating content they find “offensive.” What may give offense? As we know, anything considered “hate speech,” as well as anything deemed “misinformation.” Expect that to include not just reasons why police are not systemically racist, or examples of alternative COVID-19 therapies, or corruption in the Biden family, or video and testimonial evidence of election fraud. No, expect far broader classifications of “offensive” material.

Imminent, for example, is complete suppression of anything that questions the “climate crisis.” The only reason that hasn’t happened already is because, at least during 2020, it wasn’t useful. The race riots supposedly triggered by the death of George Floyd, plus the COVID-19 pandemic, provided ample crises with which to remake and reset society (including elections). But the “climate crisis” will take banishment of “misinformation” to the next level.

Censorship over the past four years has been expanding logarithmically. In the last few weeks prior to the election it became blatant and brazen; its practitioners became indifferent to exposure. And everyone is in on it – the press, the establishment media, big tech, and powerful factions within the federal government and the intelligence community. The First Amendment hangs by a thread.

So to dig deep, really deep, browse through the many content providers on Winston. To just get reliable daily news, consider these six sources; they are as honest as we’re going to find:

Live online video feeds can be found on the website links for NewsMax, One America News, and The National Pulse. NewsMax and One America can also be found on cable television channels across the U.S.

For an anthology of links, updated daily, along with original reporting, don’t miss a visit to Revolver News.

Investigative reporting of unparalleled depth and honesty can be found at The Epoch Times.

And investigative videos exposing, day after day, the activities of BLM and Antifa can be found thanks to one of the last courageous journalists in America, Andy Ngo.

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