Black Patriots

Probably the biggest victims of mainstream media suppression and online censorship are America’s black conservative patriots. And for that reason, they are well represented here. Black Christian Patriots that have made it into the Winston84 catalog include Jay McCaney, Pastor Mark Burns, Star Parker, Stacy Dash, Jesse Lee Peterson and Charrise Lane. But that’s not all.

There are plenty of Black Western Warriors as well in the Winston84 catalog of suppressed voices, including Allen West, Antonia Okafor, Bryson Gray, CJ Pearson, Chandler Crump, Anthony Brian Logan, Jermain Botsio, David J Harris Jr, Lynnett Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson (Diamond and Silk), Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge (The Hodgetwins), Mind of Jamal, Brandon Tatum, Shekinah Geist, Taleed Brown, Jon Miller, and the “legendary black redneck,” Joel Patrick!

There are so many! Are you kidding? Why aren’t these guys in CNN? Why don’t they come up in Google searches?

We know the answer to that.

And there are more: What about Black Free Speech Allies such as Candace Owens, Dr. Carol Swain, and Larry Elder, or Black Irreverent Investigators like Derrick Blackman and Terrence K Williams? There are so many here, and so many more we still have to find. Despite being marginalized by the establishment, the collective reach of these black patriots extends to millions, probably tens of millions, of Americans.

Would everybody in the Winston84 catalog agree with everybody else, on every issue of our time? Of course not. But they are all members of the suppressed right-wing in America. And together they constitute a rainbow coalition where there is substantial common ground. Unified, they would not only be unstoppable, they could politically realign America in a most positive way.

 *   *   *