The Medical Industrial Complex

If you look hard enough, you may find the video released in July 2020 by “America’s Frontline Doctors.” Here it is, posted by Gabriel Ng on BitChute. If you search Google using the terms “America’s Frontline Doctors” you will find every one of the page one search results are links to articles discrediting these doctors. That’s the only perspective you will find in any cursory search online.

Another source of videos offering similarly contrarian views on the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine can be found on the website “Watch Uncensored.” The links here are not only to additional doctors testifying to the possible efficacy of Hydroxychlorquine, but also to discuss the possible hidden agenda behind the suppression of what could be cheap and widely available medical treatments. One of the videos, entitled “Plandemic Movie,” has been driven off all mainstream online platforms.

Going even deeper, this video posted by The Corbett Report offers a fascinating expose on Bill Gates, and the vision that Gates and others have for all humanity. Viewers may differ on just how bad this all may turn out, but nobody concerned about our future should ignore this information.

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