Three More Voices Silenced by Twitter

As reported in American Greatness, the New York Post, and elsewhere, on February 7, “the sanctimonious and hypocritical censors of Twitter came for Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, radio host Wayne Allyn Root, and freedom activist Pamela Geller.”

Geller can still be found on her own website, The Geller Report, on Facebook, as well as on YouTube and Instagram. But for how long?

Jim Hoft still has his website, The Gateway Pundit, and can still be found on Facebook, Instagram, and the durable Gab. Along with being banned from Twitter, Hoft’s Parler account went down with the platform. What’s next?

As for Wayne Allyn Root, he can still be found on Newsmax, as well as on his own website, along with Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

What were the thought crimes committed by these three? Apparently they are willing to “report and highlight the many irregularities and unanswered questions surrounding the 2020 presidential election.”

For that, they are banished from Twitter, and one may expect if they keep it up they’ll be banned from other platforms.

There’s no guarantee the truth, or, equally important, sincere dissent that may or may not be entirely accurate, will survive online. The crackdown has just begun. But “irregularities and unanswered questions” about the November presidential election are not going away. This recent Winston84 newsflash has links to some of the most informative, most suppressed analyses.

Anybody who has a strong opinion on the election, particularly if they’re convinced that fraud could not possibly have been a factor in the outcome, should read these reports. Maybe they don’t constitute proof, but at the least they identify areas where voter integrity must be restored, or it really won’t matter any more who runs for office in the future, or what voters want.

Meanwhile, we have Winston84 profiles for all three of Twitter’s latest victims, Pamela Geller, Wayne Allen Root, and Jim Hoft, where you can find links to the many platforms where they’re still active, as well as broken links to the platforms where they’ve been banned.

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