Fraudulent Claims of Fraud Doesn’t Mean There’s No Fraud

By now anyone trying to find evidence of election fraud has uncovered cases where the allegations were false. But sort of like the Clinton Body Count, while it may all just be a bunch of hooey, there is too much evidence for anyone to dismiss it all as unfounded without thought or examination. The sources of election irregularities summarized here are listed in approximate order of how far down the rabbit hole they reside, and hence, how much they are either suppressed or outright banned on the major online platforms.

All of these sources put forward interesting claims. It is our right to see them, and decide for ourselves what to believe.

We’ll start with our own partners, the editors at American Greatness. Their lineup of articles currently dealing with post-election irregularities are too numerous to list, and all of them are good. Find them on the AG home page, and in particular, read “Let’s Take Stock of Where We Are,” by the incomparable Michael Anton.

Joining American Greatness as one of those “mainstream adjacent” sources that are too credible to be banned, but nonetheless putting forward material you can’t find anywhere in the sanitized, properly housebroken media, would be The American Mind. Much of their recent material also covers election irregularities, and again our top recommendation is another very recent article by Michael Anton entitled “Game on for the Coup.” Anton, who has been predicting a coup for several months, achieved fame in 2016 with his essay “The Flight 93 Election,” where he compared the American people to passengers on the ill fated Flight 93 back on 9/11/2001, where they faced a terrible choice: either try to gain control of the cockpit (elect Trump) and possibly survive, or do nothing (elect Clinton) and face certain death. Anton, at the time, had to write that essay anonymously. We have come a long way.

To start down the rabbit hole, read everything on the new website Revolver, a news aggregator that is better than Drudge was when Drudge was at its best. In particular, read “The Steal Is On. What Republicans Must Do Next To Guarantee Victory.” Written on November 4, details in this article have been overtaken by events, but the agenda laid out by the editors bears close review.

To dive well into the rabbit hole, an article appearing on the infamous media empire known as Infowars asks a rather pertinent question “Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators in Swing States?” And, we might add, not in states unless they’re swing states. Infowars can be hyperbolic at times, but they offer rare nuggets of valuable truth between the lines of hogwash, and in this article the author has their facts straight.

At the bottom of the rabbit hole – not that this list is even remotely complete – find the enigmatic BitChute channel “TruthVideos1984.” We recommend watching three videos on this channel which is a video aggregator. One particularly intriguing video claims that Trump supporters in the government “watermarked every ballot with a QFS blockchain encryption code,” which will allow them to expose any counterfeit ballots. Another is a live interview with a poll watcher who claims ballots have been turned in with no names on them. Finally, on a video originally posted by Veritas, a U.S. postal worker admits they were instructed to collect ballots after the election cutoff so they could be backdated.

President Trump may or may not prevail in his bid for reelection. And if he is not reelected, we will never know to what extent his loss was due to fraud. There is no question America’s system of voting is rife with opportunities to commit fraud. It is ludicrous to believe fraud is not taking place, and shameful for the media and online communications gatekeepers to suppress any discussion of possible fraud. This problem, as the president has said repeatedly, is much bigger than this election.

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