The Red Elephant Compiles a List of Channels Banned by YouTube

Vincent James O’Connor, aka, the Red Elephant, was banished from YouTube after accumulating over 300,000 subscribers. One of the last survivors of the first wave of terminations, O’Connor lasted until August 2020. He survives on Parler, BitChute, DLive, Gab, and Telegram. To-date, his presence on fundraising platforms also remains intact.

One of the values of watching Red Videos is O’Connor’s propensity to dig up inconvenient facts from primary sources. His work relies on data from the FBI, the DOJ, the U.S. Census Bureau, not on quotes from other journalists. For this reason, whatever opinions O’Connor may also share about current events, his facts have integrity. Often they can’t easily be found anywhere else.

A good example of this is an article posted on the Red Elephants entitled “Why Black Criminality is a Much Bigger Problem Than Racism or Police Brutality.” A title like that is enough to alarm the censors, but the facts in the article are what should matter. These are the same facts that are also cited by Black conservatives. O’Connor, for his part, has reached out to Black conservatives, and has suggested they might share many common political goals – such as support for America’s 45th president.

The most recent wave of banishments from YouTube has been hard to track. If you were to count every one of the channels that YouTube turned off, including the smallest ones, there would be thousands of casualties. O’Connor maintains a list of many of the most prominent victims of YouTube. This list is updated regularly, included on the list are many that were terminated in earlier waves.

O’Connor’s list is incomplete, but it’s one of the best we can find. Many of the people he has noted do not include links. Most of these people are already in our Winston84 directory, some of the remaining ones will be added.

We will say it again: The cure – censorship – is worse than the alleged disease – speech that is unwelcome to some people.

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