Tracking the Migration Away From Censorship

In response to viewer suggestions, Winston84 has added profile descriptions to its search function. This means you can find profiles that have information that is noted in the profile description, expanding the ability to locate sites with specific content that is suppressed by the censors.

For example, if you enter “Plandemic” in the search box, you will now be directed to the profile for Watch Uncensored, with a link to their website where they post banned videos including the “Plandemic Movie” and the “Plandemic Sequel.”

Similarly, if you enter “Clinton Body Count” in the search box, you will now be directed to the profile for Dark to Light, where Robert Horan maintains the list of recently departed on his website – go “Deep State” on the navigation bar and select “Clinton Body Count” on the drop down menu. Horan also maintains a more extensive list on a Twitter thread on his Twitter account. That’s harder to find, so here’s the link.

By the way, thanks to the limitations of algorithms, when you enter “Clinton Body Count” you also will see a result for Count Dankula, a comedian who has also managed to offend the censors. Dankula, whose videos offer hilarious satire, earned his place in Winston84’s directory because he trained his girlfriend’s dog to do a Nazi salute and was convicted in a Scottish court of “inciting race hatred.” Oops.

It is important to issue a disclaimer here: We don’t know if the allegations made in the Plandemic videos are accurate, any more than we know if the scores of deaths suffered by former associates of the Clintons are the result of foul play. What we do know, however, is that there is a coordinated attempt to suppress this material, and we believe that is wrong.

In another new development, Winston84 has added Rumble to the array of platforms we monitor. When you visit the profile for The Hodge Twins, or for Kaitlin Bennett (Liberty Hangout), among their other links, you will see links to their channels on Rumble.

It is impossible to predict how lovers of free speech and defenders of the First Amendment will respond to the ongoing censorship. The ways that free and open communication are being suppressed escalate continuously. Will America descend to the levels witnessed in China and Russia, where dissidents have to use virtual private networks? And while a VPN can protect a viewer from scrutiny, what about the content producers?

We welcome suggestions and ideas, and remain committed to sharing them here.

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