Western Chauvinists Are NOT “White Supremacists”

If there ever was a group that needed to be added to Winston84, it would be the Proud Boys.

Not because everything the Proud Boys do, or believe – as individual members or collectively as a group – necessarily agrees with everything we do, or believe. But because they have been unfairly and inaccurately described by the establishment media, online and offline, as “white supremacists.” They are not.

What the Proud Boys stand for, as expressed on the home page of their website, is the following: “The Time For Apologies Is Past,” and “I Am A Western Chauvinist And I Refuse To Apologize For Creating The Modern World,” and “The West is the Best!”

Examining each of these affirmations one at a time yields very little with which to disagree. We would share a contempt for “apology culture,” which causes more harm than good. As for the word “Western Chauvinist,” what is wrong with believing in Western Civilization? The dictionary definition of “chauvinism” is “showing or relating to excessive or prejudiced loyalty or support for a particular group or cause.” These days Western culture under assault from all quarters. From BLM and Antifa thugs in the streets to billionaires in corporate boardrooms, our heritage is being systematically destroyed. Maybe a little chauvinism is called for, unless, of course, one does not believe “The West is the Best.” But if it is not, why do so many millions want to live in Western nations?

Another reason to add the Proud Boys to the Winston84 directory is because they have been banned from all the major social media platforms. But what have they done? Have they burned down our cities? Have they smashed windows and looted shops, or fought pitched battles for months on end with police? No. Never. And yet the organizations that are behind those violent actions enjoy a robust presence on mainstream social media platforms.

The lies and hypocrisy that victimize the Proud Boys are the same lies and hypocrisy that gave rise to the Proud Boys. And the bigger the lies get, the more the Proud Boys will grow in response. Western Civilization will not die without a fight.

 *   *   *