Facebook Suspends Dr. Carol Swain from Video Streaming

Here we go again.

Dr. Carol Swain, a respected university professor who has never committed even the mildest breaches of decorum and professionalism, has just been suspended by Facebook. For the next 30 days, Dr. Swain cannot stream videos on Facebook. Her transgression? Announcing a live stream on the topic of Critical Race Theory.

One may wonder how this can earn Facebook censorship, when Critical Race Theory is being obsessively promoted by every academic, politician, and corporate special interest in America. And why would Dr. Swain, an African American woman, of all people, be denied a platform to examine this topic? Here, in her own words, is the reason why:

““I feel like what they are doing with these tactics of Critical Race Theory and segregation in the schools is a rejection of the Civil Rights Act. It seems like they are rejecting integration.”

Swain, you see, is a conservative black intellectual who believes, along with thousands of other black conservatives, that Critical Race Theory is a dangerous new variant of racism that should be opposed. And for this, she is being silenced.

As someone who recently served the Trump administration as Co-Chair of his 1776 Commission for education, Swain’s public profile and ability to influence public opinion has been on the rise. Better not let that happen!

The timing of Swain’s suppression by Facebook couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the raft of “anti-racist” legislation moving through the U.S. Congress right now. To name just a few, with acknowledgement to the incomparable City Journal, there is the Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act, the Recognizing People of African Descent and Black Europeans Act, the concurrent resolution urging the establishment of a United States Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation, and the Anti-Racism in Public Health Act of 2021.

This legislation, along with a mind numbing torrent of concurrent executive actions as well as countless initiatives on the part of states, schools, and corporations, are all explicitly racist. They will divide the nation, harming and alienating whites at the same time as they do more harm than good to people of color.

Dr. Carol Swain is not alone, however, she is joined by a growing army of black conservatives that recognize the impossibility of enforcing equality of outcome instead of providing equality of opportunity. This battle against “anti-racist” racism has just begun, but resistance is growing. Swain deserves the support of every conservative in America.

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