“Planet Lockdown” Video Survives – Watch While You Can

In January 2021 we predicted that a video recently posted on YouTube and Facebook entitled “Planet Lockdown – an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts,” would soon be pulled down. Sure enough, as reported by publications ranging from Forbes on the establishment Right to the Washington Post on the establishment Left, YouTube cancelled the video, but not before it got over 20 million views.

This video survives online however, and a good place to find it before the whack-a-mole censors smack it down again is on Earth Heroes TV, a mildly transgressive video amalgamator with a mission to “support the elevation of human consciousness, through intentional videos that inspire positive change.” Hard to argue with that.

Click here to view the Planet Lockdown video.

As discussed in our previous report, what Fitts talks about is only peripherally about COVID-19 vaccines and other current topics that were the pretext for her banishment on the big platforms. Fitts discusses in some detail her belief that five industrial sectors are working in tandem to create a new world order:

(1) Technology industry building clouds.

(2) Military doing space development.

(3) Big pharma developing injections to modify human DNA.

(4) Media providing propaganda.

(5) Central bankers engineering a new crypto system of global currency.

These are the sorts of conspiracy theories that got dozens of prominent channels representing the Q collective thrown off YouTube back in October 2020. Fitts, because she isn’t talking about satanic cults and global pedophile rings, will see her words last a little longer before the censors come for her. But while her content is less salacious, it is dealing with subjects – also plumbed by the Q investigators – that are equally troubling and far more central to our global economic destiny.

What Fitts is describing is a dark version of futurism. Her perspective is negative, but lucid. Technology makes it much easier for a small group of people to get together and become very powerful. But why? Fitts offers a logical answer:

“If technology can make it possible for people to live 150 years, and it isn’t possible to keep this a secret, then why not downsize the population, integrate robots, and you can have a very wealthy and luxurious life without the management headaches?” In one particularly chilling quote, Fitts says “I was having a conversation with a venture capitalist, billionaire type, and he looked at me with these amazingly dead eyes and said ‘I can take every company and completely automate it with software and robotics and fire all the humans. We don’t need them any more.’”

Some of the ideas and allegations ventured by Fitts may stretch credulity, but nonetheless are essential concepts for anyone trying to make sense of where we may be headed as a civilization.

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