Comprehensive and Credible Information for Climate Skeptics

The COVID pandemic and the “peaceful protests” against supposed systemic racism dominate the news in this tumultuous year. But in terms of eventual consequences for our personal liberty, national independence, and economic prosperity, “climate change” is the perennial winner. Be informed.

For several years, the Science and Environmental Policy Project has faithfully produced a weekly email “The Week That Was” (TWTW) that dissects the latest news on the topic of climate change in particular, and environmentalism in general, as it relates all aspects of society: science and academia, politics and public policy, international relations and economics.

Eminently readable and rationally argued, TWTW is an indispensable source of continuously updated information and scientific rebuttal to the constant barrage of climate alarmism coming from all quarters – media, politicians, and corporations. Its weekly email covers all current developments, and they are archived all the way back to 1997. If you read online about an alarmist claim made in the past, go to TWTW archives for that date and read the rebuttal.

If you are looking for one place to gather information that challenges environmental policies that are based on poor science, sign up here for TWTW’s weekly email newsletter. Additional worthy sources can be found in Winston84‘s “Climate Skeptics” category.

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