YouTube Terminates Mouthy Buddha With 10 Million Subscribers

The wave of channel bans in the past two weeks is one of the biggest yet. You may not have heard of “Mouthy Buddha,” but until last week, he had over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. Ten Million. And just like that, he was gone. Mouthy Buddha’s backup channel, which can be found on BitChute, only has 10,000 subscribers. With literally no more than a keystroke, YouTube has destroyed years of work and reduced the reach of Mouthy Buddha to one one-thousandth of what it had been.

Destroying a channel with 10 million subscribers is not done lightly. What did it take to build an audience that big? And why would YouTube determine the upside to further alienating ten million people to exceed the downside? What was Mouthy Buddha, whose real name is John Canales, doing that was so dangerous?

On the surface, nothing. A scan of his videos suggests that Canales is just another content provider looking for the craziest theories and amplifying them. He is the online equivalent of tabloids that flew off the shelves in supermarket aisles back in the days of print. Watch out for 5G, beware of fluoride, UFOs are real, and you really should learn more about your pineal gland. So what?

But there is a danger. Canales, along with thousands of other online content producers, is part of a hive mind for which no theory is too outlandish to investigate. And among the lemons are scattered embarrassing gems. No, maybe there isn’t a Satanic cult that controls the Democratic Party and eats babies (but don’t laugh, evil exists), but the real story, for example, of Jeffrey Epstein’s death – and all the people he could have implicated – has never been told.

Watch this video on pedophilia, likely the one that got Canales banned from YouTube. Decide for yourself.

The so-called Q Anon movement, of which Mouthy Buddha might be considered a peripheral member, is a threat because they are relentlessly looking for evidence to expose evil, treason, corruption, and, yes, conspiracies.

It is interesting to wonder why Google, which owns YouTube, would fail to allow the hive mind to operate, and let everyone – instead of their own biased, agenda driven “fact checkers” – determine what to believe, and what to dismiss.

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