Twitter’s War on Christians

The way Twitter in particular, and progressives in general, have escalated their war on Christians should concern every American regardless of their faith. For their pro-life and pro-family beliefs, Christians have been relentlessly attacked for decades by progressives. Now the war has been extended to what Christians are allowed to say about transsexuals.

Nobody denies that someone with genuine gender dysphoria deserves compassion and respect. But Twitter and other tech platforms are censoring and deplatforming so-called “transition skeptics,” which denies reach to a vital perspective that must be heard. The politically approved version of the transsexual lobby has become so powerful that President Biden has issued an executive order requiring school sports to allow biological men who identify as women to participate in women’s athletic competitions.

And this term, “biological men,” or some version therein, is now considered “hate speech.”

As reported by the Christian Post, “Twitter suspends Christian magazine for saying Biden’s trans nominee is a man, not a woman.”

Apparently, per the inviolable rules set forth by the politically approved trans lobby, the specific violation was to publish the following words: “Biden’s nominee for assistant secretary of health, Rachel Levine, is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

According to Twitter, this is “hateful conduct.” In their message to the offending magazine, the Colorado Springs based Daily Citizen, Twitter wrote “your account, @FocusCitizen has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules. Specifically for: Violating our rules against hateful conduct. You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

As written, apparently “hateful conduct” is a violation based on any words that may “promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

There’s so much wrong with Twitter’s rule it’s hard to know where to begin. The newly established notion that words equate to violence, or that making claims that people may disagree with or find offensive constitutes threats or harassment. Or, of course, to state the obvious, that it is unacceptable to question the agenda of the politically approved trans lobby.

Maybe it’s worth helping young people question the mounting peer pressure to engage in irreversible medical procedures to “confirm” their gender identity. Maybe it’s worth while to oppose activist parents imposing these procedures on very young children. Maybe it’s not fair to allow young men with demonstrably bigger bones and muscles to suddenly “transition” and compete against biological women for sports scholarships. And for people of faith, maybe it is nobody’s right to tell them what to believe, or to call their free speech “hate speech” in order to shut them up.

The progressive trans lobby has become almost unopposed, from Twitter to the White House. That’s wrong. To oppose their agenda is not merely to question, with integrity, the specific arguments and agenda of the trans lobby, it is also part of a growing obligation to stand up to all of the mushrooming array of politically correct mandates. Because they are tyrannical and if they are not opposed we will lose whatever freedom we have left.

We conclude by calling attention to a recent Tweet posted by Tampax US. They wrote the following: “Fact: Not all women have periods. Also a fact: Not all people with periods are women. Let’s celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed.”

This is offensive nonsense. This is patronizing, phony, dishonest nonsense, designed to placate a small minority of fanatic activists. That would be laughable except the larger agenda that empowers these activists and others like them is dark and sinister, if not downright evil: They are trying to force us to believe things that run contrary to everything we can objectively observe. They are trying to make us say dark is light, that one plus one is three, that there are five lights when only four lights appear.

Christian patriots are among the only people left in America who refuse to back down to this onslaught of tyranny hiding within absurdity. And it is not an attack on any transsexual to say so. They deserve our respect. But not our dishonesty.

 *   *   *