W84 Adds Praying Medic, The High Wire, Border Hawk, and Pardon My American

Thanks to all who responded to the formal launch of our partnership with American Greatness over the weekend. Along with correcting and enhancing links on our existing records (now up to 299), we added four new ones.

Just added, and barely ahead of the censors, is the Praying Medic, already banned from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, but still hanging on to 417,000 followers on Twitter. Praying Medic, authored by Dave Hayes, is a member of the Q collective, which explains the banishments. Remember: Q is not about what the media claims. On a wide range of sensitive topics, Q is a hive mind of investigators uncovering information the media will not report on. Their right to speak must be defended.

Not as closely embroiled with Q (there is no clear delineation) but equally adept at uncovering news you will never see on traditional media is the insouciant trio, Dave, Greg, and Chris, “a podcast of patriots from the Northwest,” producing under the label “Pardon My American” on multiple platforms.

If you want to hear the other side of the debate over vaccination, as well as suppressed medical news relating to COVID-19, follow “The High Wire” with Del Bigtree.

Probably the most mainstream of the four newcomers is Border Hawk, which is sort of like Revolver, but the anthology of links they update daily focuses on one thing: Immigration. Border Hawk’s material is unlikely to ever get banned, but you’ll find valuable links there that won’t come up easily on the search engines. By the way, Revolver is what Drudge used to be and then some. Visit there regularly.

Along with many suggestions over the past few days, we’ve already heard from people who could not find a banned content producer, but have now found them again here, via the links we’ve posted to their new platforms. That’s why we’re doing this.

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