Black Conservatives Vie to Replace California’s Governor Newsom

Anyone who thinks the conservative movement isn’t inclusive is not paying attention. When it comes to candidates conservatives will support, the only thing that matters is the ideas and principles they’ll fight for. Two young black conservatives who are running for California governor exemplify this fact, because the ideas they’re promoting are as interesting, if not more interesting, than anything coming from their more established conservative competitors.

Errol Webber, a 34 year old immigrant from Jamaica, now living in Los Angeles, has been producing documentary and narrative films since he was a teenager. His acclaimed documentary “American Promise” chronicles the struggles parents go through to assert their right to school choice for their children.

Webber’s positions on the issues are staunchly conservative, including supporting school choice, defending “religious, medical and economic freedoms,” investing in vocational education, increasing competition in medicine and reducing taxes and regulations.

Major Williams, a 41 year old resident of Pasadena, made a name for himself in 2020 by running for mayor of that city. He came in third place with 8.4 percent and forced the top candidates into a runoff. His gubernatorial campaign website reveals a candidate that has the courage to take positions that more established candidates would never dare.

In particular, Williams calls for expanding California’s oil and gas drilling in order to increase tax revenues, create high paying jobs, and – crucially – offset California’s hypocritical and damaging reliance on foreign oil, much of it imported from Venezuela. Williams is a budget hawk, a supporter of the 2nd amendment, and favors deregulation. His positions on the issues are bold, thoughtful, and thoroughly conservative.

If proponents of the Newsom recall succeed in forcing a special election, expect to see Williams and Webber’s names on the ballot. Their campaigns are going to surprise a lot of people, because they both have reach on social media. Williams has 43,000 followers on Facebook, over 172,000 on Instagram. Webber has nearly 129,000 followers on Twitter.

California’s conservatives can learn a lot from these candidates. For starters, the courage to take positions that are right for California, even if they’re wrong for the special interests that run California. We wish both of them well.

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