Twitter Censors James O’Keefe

On April 15, Twitter “permanently suspended” the account of James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas. The offense, according a Twitter spokesman speaking to the New York Times, was that O’Keefe had attempted to ““artificially amplify or disrupt conversations” through the use of multiple accounts.”

O’Keefe flatly denied the charges and intends to sue Twitter for defamation. In February, Twitter “permanently suspended” the Project Veritas account, but if that’s the only other account O’Keefe was operating, he did nothing wrong. It is common for people to have two Twitter accounts, one for themselves, and one for their company.

Veritas has been on the offensive lately, having already filed a defamation suit against the New York Times regarding allegedly misleading reporting on a Veritas video. O’Keefe has also just threatened a defamation suit against CNN.

The timing of O’Keefe’s deplatforming might be considered suspect, however, since it is only in the the last few days that one of the latest Veritas video catches CNN employees openly boasting about how their deliberately based coverage of President Trump may have played a key role in his failed bid for reelection.

O’Keefe’s methods are controversial. O’Keefe first made a name for himself by posing as a pimp to secretly record ACORN staff. The expose O’Keefe just released on CNN involved one of his journalists creating a fake account on Tinder to attract one of CNN’s technical director, whereupon she went on five dates with him, recording their conversations.

This may be unethical journalism by traditional standards, but it is genuine, important investigative reporting nonetheless. The ACORN videos helped awaken the nation to spectacular corruption in that organization. The CNN expose offers yet another proof that America’s major “news” networks are nothing of the sort.

If you bother to read source material, view news conferences in their entirety, check FBI/DOJ statistics, or indulge in any similar sort of due diligence, it quickly becomes clear what outrageous, biased liars most major television personalities have become.

Perhaps if Twitter is going to ban James O’Keefe, they may want to also ban David Muir, the photogenic hack, masquerading as a journalist for ABC, “the most watched news show in America.” David Muir’s propensity to “artificially amplify or disrupt conversations,” about what’s really going on in America has few rivals, because he pretends to be objective.

The good news, if there is any, is that Twitter and the other social media monopolies cannot completely staunch the flow of contrarian information. There are too many participants, and too many ways to get the message through the algorithms and monitors. America continues to awaken.

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