YouTube Terminates Mouthy Buddha With 10 Million Subscribers

The wave of channel bans in the past two weeks is one of the biggest yet. You may not have heard of “Mouthy Buddha,” but until last week, he had over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. Ten Million. And just like that, he was gone. Mouthy Buddha’s backup channel, which can be found on BitChute, only has 10,000 subscribers. With literally no more than a keystroke, YouTube has destroyed years of work and reduced the reach of Mouthy Buddha to one one-thousandth of what it had been.

Destroying a channel with 10 million subscribers is not done lightly. What did it take to build an audience that big? And why would YouTube determine the upside to further alienating ten million people to exceed the downside? What was Mouthy Buddha, whose real name is John Canales, doing that was so dangerous?

On the surface, nothing. A scan of his videos suggests that Canales is just another content provider looking for the craziest theories and amplifying them. He is the online equivalent of tabloids that flew off the shelves in supermarket aisles back in the days of print. Watch out for 5G, beware of fluoride, UFOs are real, and you really should learn more about your pineal gland. So what?

But there is a danger. Canales, along with thousands of other online content producers, is part of a hive mind for which no theory is too outlandish to investigate. And among the lemons are scattered embarrassing gems. No, maybe there isn’t a Satanic cult that controls the Democratic Party and eats babies (but don’t laugh, evil exists), but the real story, for example, of Jeffrey Epstein’s death – and all the people he could have implicated – has never been told.

Watch this video on pedophilia, likely the one that got Canales banned from YouTube. Decide for yourself.

The so-called Q Anon movement, of which Mouthy Buddha might be considered a peripheral member, is a threat because they are relentlessly looking for evidence to expose evil, treason, corruption, and, yes, conspiracies.

It is interesting to wonder why Google, which owns YouTube, would fail to allow the hive mind to operate, and let everyone – instead of their own biased, agenda driven “fact checkers” – determine what to believe, and what to dismiss.

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YouTube Bans X22 Report, Red Pill, Q News Corner, and others

In the last few days YouTube has just banned, according to some reports, over 30 more channels. The Winston84 website was built to help people still find these content providers as they are forced to migrate to other platforms. Here are our profiles for some of the banned channels, providing links to the other places their work can be found:

Destroying the Illusion, Lori Colley, Red Pill 78SGTreport, X22 Report, Q News Corner.

There are many more. Combined, the YouTube videos posted by these 30 or so channels amassed hundreds of millions of views by tens of millions of viewers. Every one of those viewers has been slapped in the face today. How does this help YouTube, or the corporate media they’ve become part of?

What better way to lend credence to the latest conspiracy theory, which claims Osama Bin Laden was not killed in Pakistan? If you want to hear the arguments favoring this new story, to decide for yourself if it is BS, you can’t, because the online channels that promote the theory, or even that merely examine its merits without automatically dismissing it as pure fabrication, are all gone. Meanwhile, a Google search on the words “osama bin laden not killed in pakistan” yields the usual suspects – CNN, Washington Post, CBS, “” and all the rest, vigorously debunking the story.

Simultaneously, the mainstream media is awash with criticism of President Trump, who said “people can decide for themselves” regarding these conspiracy theories. But the President is right. When YouTube censors and shuts down content providers, working in lockstep with the biggest news corporations in the world, it doesn’t end the discussion. It just raises suspicion that maybe there is something to all of this.

The timing is also suspect. Another wave of shutdowns right before the November election. And the Bin Laden story, less believable, providing cover to also squelch the new developments in the Biden/Burisma story, which is very believeable.

The frightening conclusion one has to consider is that there is, mixed within the more outlandish reports and claims, some hidden truths that represent a grave threat to some very powerful special interests. Otherwise they would not give so much publicity to these online rebels by destroying their voice.

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“Liberal Hivemind” Skewers the Liberal Hive Mind

Active for only eight months, “Liberal Hivemind” has produced over 120 videos and earned 586,000 subscribers. The mission? “Former Liberal, looking to shine light on the hypocrisy that pushed me away from the left.”

An attempt to identify the person behind these videos yielded an IMBd (Internet Movie Database) biography that was spare: “Liberal Hivemind is a producer and director, known for Liberal Hivemind (2019).” And for a tantalizing hint: The voice sounds very similar to the voice of a YouTuber that was banned… enough said…

If the bio is spare, the content on YouTube is thick and unsparing. A good example would be the tragic shooting of a Trump supporter in Denver, which the major networks characterized as “security guard shoots right wing extremist.” In a video just released entitled “New Evidence on Leftist Denver Shooter,” Liberal Hivemind presents details that prove (1) the victim was not an extremist, nor a racist, just a Trump supporter, (2) the shooter had a well documented history of leftist, anti-Trump comments and actions, and (3) the shooter did not appear to be acting in self defense.

It’s more important than ever to have content producers who will compile and post evidence like this. On this same video, Liberal Hivemind presents evidence that the men arrested in a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmore were not Trump supporters, but actually despised President Trump. Nor were they white supremacists or right wing extremists. They were anarchists.

Other videos released in the past few days by Liberal Hivemind present encouraging examples of Trump’s support around the U.S. despite widely hyped polls showing him losing. In this video, polling data is shown that contradicts the reports from the media, showing Trump 2020 outperforming his polling status at this same time in 2016.

One thing is certain these days. It is impossible to trust much of anything that comes from the major news networks or newspapers, online or offline. Add Liberal Hivemind to the growing list of alternative sources of news and information. They are needed now more than ever.

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Facebook Turns “Fact Checking” Over to Biased Groups

A recent video posted on Twitter by John Stossel describes his war with Facebook “fact checkers,” who deboosted and put a warning onto his video about forest fires. When he finally gained access to the fact checking organization, called “Climate Feedback,” they acknowledged that his video was unfairly censored. So what happened?

The scientist at Climate Feedback, Stefan Doerr, who to his credit was willing to speak with Stossel about this, said the video was probably flagged because Stossel interviewed Michael Shellenberger.” Or as Doerr put it, “my assumption is that because Shellenberger pops up in there, and his statements have basically been shown to be partially wrong…”

“Partially wrong.”

On the other hand, “partially wrong” in this case also means “mostly right.” Shellenberger’s recently published book Apocalypse Never, makes a complicated but compelling case. It isn’t alarmist pablum. It’s also extremely important. Because the path of international development we’re currently on, which denies prosperity to billions of people in order to prevent “climate change,” is a recipe for ongoing population growth, poverty, misery, war, and tangible, horrific environmental destruction.

Shellenberger’s crime, which has earned him the unanimous and bitter enmity of the climate industrial complex, was to argue that (1) climate change, while real, is not leading towards an ecological catastrophe, (2) development of industry and infrastructure in Africa and other developing regions will prevent further environmental degradation, and (3) nuclear power is an unfairly maligned, safe and nearly inexhaustible source of energy.

Don’t think so? Read the book. One thing’s for certain. You won’t hear much good online about Shellenberger, or his book. The censors have seen to that.

As for the fires in California? Of course they were the result of bad forestry. Stossel, and Shellenberger, are absolutely correct to emphasize that as the cause. Sure, rising temperatures played a role, but those fires would have been cataclysmic even if it were a few degrees cooler, because for nearly a century natural fires were not allowed to burn, and environmentalists destroyed the timber industry, prevented mechanical thinning, and litigated to stop controlled burns.

Mismanagement was undoubtedly the bigger cause. Environmentalists lose credibility every time they pretend otherwise. But you’ll never know, unless you get past the censors.

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Western Chauvinists Are NOT “White Supremacists”

If there ever was a group that needed to be added to Winston84, it would be the Proud Boys.

Not because everything the Proud Boys do, or believe – as individual members or collectively as a group – necessarily agrees with everything we do, or believe. But because they have been unfairly and inaccurately described by the establishment media, online and offline, as “white supremacists.” They are not.

What the Proud Boys stand for, as expressed on the home page of their website, is the following: “The Time For Apologies Is Past,” and “I Am A Western Chauvinist And I Refuse To Apologize For Creating The Modern World,” and “The West is the Best!”

Examining each of these affirmations one at a time yields very little with which to disagree. We would share a contempt for “apology culture,” which causes more harm than good. As for the word “Western Chauvinist,” what is wrong with believing in Western Civilization? The dictionary definition of “chauvinism” is “showing or relating to excessive or prejudiced loyalty or support for a particular group or cause.” These days Western culture under assault from all quarters. From BLM and Antifa thugs in the streets to billionaires in corporate boardrooms, our heritage is being systematically destroyed. Maybe a little chauvinism is called for, unless, of course, one does not believe “The West is the Best.” But if it is not, why do so many millions want to live in Western nations?

Another reason to add the Proud Boys to the Winston84 directory is because they have been banned from all the major social media platforms. But what have they done? Have they burned down our cities? Have they smashed windows and looted shops, or fought pitched battles for months on end with police? No. Never. And yet the organizations that are behind those violent actions enjoy a robust presence on mainstream social media platforms.

The lies and hypocrisy that victimize the Proud Boys are the same lies and hypocrisy that gave rise to the Proud Boys. And the bigger the lies get, the more the Proud Boys will grow in response. Western Civilization will not die without a fight.

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Comprehensive and Credible Information for Climate Skeptics

The COVID pandemic and the “peaceful protests” against supposed systemic racism dominate the news in this tumultuous year. But in terms of eventual consequences for our personal liberty, national independence, and economic prosperity, “climate change” is the perennial winner. Be informed.

For several years, the Science and Environmental Policy Project has faithfully produced a weekly email “The Week That Was” (TWTW) that dissects the latest news on the topic of climate change in particular, and environmentalism in general, as it relates all aspects of society: science and academia, politics and public policy, international relations and economics.

Eminently readable and rationally argued, TWTW is an indispensable source of continuously updated information and scientific rebuttal to the constant barrage of climate alarmism coming from all quarters – media, politicians, and corporations. Its weekly email covers all current developments, and they are archived all the way back to 1997. If you read online about an alarmist claim made in the past, go to TWTW archives for that date and read the rebuttal.

If you are looking for one place to gather information that challenges environmental policies that are based on poor science, sign up here for TWTW’s weekly email newsletter. Additional worthy sources can be found in Winston84‘s “Climate Skeptics” category.

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Young Latinos Are Rejecting Socialism

Most conservatives are aware that the English language media in the United States have an overwhelming liberal bias, so much so that in this election season they really ought to register as PACs for the Joe Biden presidential campaign. But Spanish language media is even more biased, with both major networks, Telemundo and Univision, totalmente dominated by liberal Democrat, pro-Biden programming and “news.”

Thus it was a pleasant surprise to see a conservative, Franklin Camargo, speaking for “Latinos for Trump,” interviewed on a recent Spanish language television show. Camargo’s first language is Spanish, and he more than held his own in a brief point-counterpoint with a pro-Biden spokesperson. As a young medical student in Venezuela, he fled for his life because of his outspoken opposition to socialism.

Two YouTube videos sponsored by The Atlas Society feature Camargo speaking in English. He can be viewed making an eloquent case for “Why Socialism is a Dangerous Idea,” or explaining “How Collectivism Destroyed Venezuela.” Camargo speaks from experience, and is in the vanguard of an awakening among American Latinos that will reject socialism, and realign American politics.

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Trump Supporter Ricky Rebel Breaks Stereotypes

Here are the lyrics to a recent music video released by the musical artist Ricky Rebel. It is a parody of the gay anthem Y.M.C.A., reformulated as M.A.G.A. It is now being played at Trump campaign rallies, it is gotten millions of views, and perhaps as much as anything, it epitomizes the difference between the Right and Left in America.

Young man
Walk away from the hate
We’re all human
And we don’t segregate

Just like women
Help make America great
We are all
In this

Are red, white and blue
And they stand for
Every on-ne of you

And together
Here’s what we’re gonna do
We’re gonna make
America great

“We’re having fun and they can’t take it.” So says Ricky Godinez, known publicly as Ricky Rebel. Godinez describes his experience as a closeted gay high school student as easier on his psyche than his more recent ordeal as a closeted conservative musical artist living in Los Angeles.

Godinez compares events with Trump supporters to the recent Antifa and BLM protests. In one case, paraphrasing, “there are bright colors, there is singing, there is happiness, and people are having a good time, and in the other case there are people wearing black, attacking people and vandalizing and burning property.”

View this video, one of many skipping virally just in front of the censors, which comes with a completely unwarranted “inappropriate” warning from YouTube, to see how it is the Trump community that is “inclusive,” and the anti-Trump minions who are filled with violent hatred.

In this video, Godinez explains why he is a Trump supporter, (1) he is committed to ending HIV within ten years, (2) his ambassador to the UN is demanding nations around the world stop killing gay people, (3) he is good for the economy, (4) “he is not for all these crazy things that liberals want,” he wants strong borders, good trade deals, and wants to bring industry back to America.

Ricky Rebel is another example of why Trump’s supporters cannot be stereotyped.

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Facebook Ramps Up Manipulative, Biased Content

For those who have been deplatformed, Facebook was never just a “platform,” it was always a publishing empire with an editorial agenda. That reality is becoming more explicit, as Facebook’s expressions of editorial prerogative move increasingly in the direction of producing its own content.

A new online resource working to expose Facebook’s status as a publisher, not a platform, is The latest post on erasebook criticizes Facebook’s launch of a “climate change information center.” Like Facebook’s other “information centers” – which focus on COVID-19 information and “Voting Information,” there is an obvious political agenda – or editorial position – underlying the content they’re providing.

Offering one-sided, supposedly objective content that pushes for “zero net carbon emissions,” and claiming the information is all “science based” is manipulative, misleading, and dangerous. It fails to acknowledge the downside of draconian restrictions on energy choices, and it discredits science.

Facebook’s “information center” on COVID-19 is equally biased. Their agenda is exemplified by their recent flagging of posts from Tucker Carlson as “false information.” Carlson’s transgression? Having a Chinese virologist on his program who claimed “the virus is not from nature.”

Facebook is going to have a lot of explaining to do, the next time it faces a judge or a congressional panel that questions its status as a “platform,” exempt from publisher liability.

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Parler’s “Erasebook” Makes the Case Against Facebook

Facebook is evil. So goes Parler’s new website,, which makes “The Case Against Facebook.” They even provide detailed instructions on how to download your entire Facebook history and then delete your Facebook account.

If you want a good summary of all the ways Facebook is manipulating our minds and monitoring our thoughts, this new website is a good place to start. Launched in August, erasebook has posts diving into topics such as Facebook’s decision to block posts defending Kyle Rittenhouse, or even searches for “Kyle Rittenhouse,” as well as links to fundraising campaigns for Rittenhouse.

A recent article on erasebook exposes how Facebook is deleting posts alleging leftist organizations started wildfires in Oregon, claiming they’re “conspiracy theories.” Other articles explain how Facebook makes deceptive claims about user privacy, allegedly uses your phone’s mic to record your conversations, and of course, shaping the 2020 election outcomes.

Erasebook offers compilations of the lawsuits against Facebook, an “evil list” of the “30 most dangerous tech companies,” reports on congressional anti-trust hearings against these “technoauthoritarians,” and much more.

Parler’s motivation for launching its erasebook campaign is obvious enough. They want to drive people off Facebook and onto Parler. They’re up against the massive advantage Facebook has in membership, nearly three billion vs just over three million. To compete with Facebook, they’ll also have to add – to name a just a few – groups, live chat, video, and better search functions.

But it is terrific to see a well organized and ongoing assault on one of the most powerful and problematic companies in the history of the world.

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