Antifa Drives Andy Ngo Into Exile – Mainstream Press Silent

If there is anyone in America who should NOT be silenced, or ignored, it is Andy Ngo. This soft spoken, level-headed, and courageous journalist has tirelessly exposed both the relentless violence of Antifa as well as the appalling negligence of civic authorities to crack down on the violence.

For his trouble, Ngo has been maligned by Rolling Stone as a “right-wing troll,” and by Vox as a “far right sympathizer.” Yielding to the same organized intimidation that prevents city councils from prosecuting Antifa violence, Ngo has been thrown off Pay Pal and Instagram. In Ngo’s home city of Portland, the landmark independent bookstore, Powells, has announced they will not stock his forthcoming book. And now, Ngo, a gay immigrant born in Vietnam, has been driven out of his adopted nation.

Ngo has already been a victim of political violence, in a June 29, 2019 attack by an Antifa mob that the leftist press somehow spun as something he brought upon himself. Their reasoning seemed to rest on the assumption that because Ngo was “biased against Antifa,” he had it coming. But Ngo’s videos speak for themselves.

Throughout the summer and fall of 2020, visitors to Ngo’s Twitter feed were treated to irrefutable evidence of the violence convulsing the nation, violence that was dismissed by the press as “mostly peaceful.” This violence is ongoing, and in nearly every case, Antifa has been the main instigator. And again and again and again and again, Ngo not only posted videos of the violence, but mug shots of the few perpetrators that would be arrested. And in nearly every case, they were immediately bailed out and charges were dropped.

No wonder Andy Ngo had to flee for his life. As he explained earlier this week on Sky News, Ngo, now in London, said “For a number of months now, there’s just been increasing threats of violence against me, promises by Antifa extremists to kill me. And all of those threats were reported to authorities, and even when I provided names of some of the suspects, nothing was done.”

Nothing was done. This is how people doing genuine investigative work are treated in America today. Ignored by the mainstream media, demonized by the more extreme leftist media, and left to fend for themselves by the authorities.

There is a pattern to this, because Antifa violence never had to spiral out of control in 2020 and engulf half the major cities in America. It was tolerated and even encouraged. And in many cases, the city councils that could have done something about it were too intimidated by Antifa mobs following them to their homes and threatening them.

When ridiculous corporate stooges like ABC Nightly “News” anchor David Muir gravely warn their gullible audiences about the threat from the “right wing,” they know what they’re doing. They’re willfully ignoring a trained army on the Left that has been extremely useful.

Andy Ngo is an American hero. We can only hope his work will continue, and that he will stay safe.

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Alternative News Sources – The New Honest Mainstream

Winston84 features a directory where every single profile we’ve included has something valuable to offer. Even those we find controversial are included for a reason – within the content they produce are ideas and facts you cannot find anywhere in the establishment media. And they have a right to be heard.

According to conservative columnist David Goldman, writing for PJ Media, Google is on the verge of completely eliminating content they find “offensive.” What may give offense? As we know, anything considered “hate speech,” as well as anything deemed “misinformation.” Expect that to include not just reasons why police are not systemically racist, or examples of alternative COVID-19 therapies, or corruption in the Biden family, or video and testimonial evidence of election fraud. No, expect far broader classifications of “offensive” material.

Imminent, for example, is complete suppression of anything that questions the “climate crisis.” The only reason that hasn’t happened already is because, at least during 2020, it wasn’t useful. The race riots supposedly triggered by the death of George Floyd, plus the COVID-19 pandemic, provided ample crises with which to remake and reset society (including elections). But the “climate crisis” will take banishment of “misinformation” to the next level.

Censorship over the past four years has been expanding logarithmically. In the last few weeks prior to the election it became blatant and brazen; its practitioners became indifferent to exposure. And everyone is in on it – the press, the establishment media, big tech, and powerful factions within the federal government and the intelligence community. The First Amendment hangs by a thread.

So to dig deep, really deep, browse through the many content providers on Winston. To just get reliable daily news, consider these six sources; they are as honest as we’re going to find:

Live online video feeds can be found on the website links for NewsMax, One America News, and The National Pulse. NewsMax and One America can also be found on cable television channels across the U.S.

For an anthology of links, updated daily, along with original reporting, don’t miss a visit to Revolver News.

Investigative reporting of unparalleled depth and honesty can be found at The Epoch Times.

And investigative videos exposing, day after day, the activities of BLM and Antifa can be found thanks to one of the last courageous journalists in America, Andy Ngo.

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Andy Ngo Thrown Off PayPal, Other Payment Platforms May Follow

One of the most daring and honest journalists in America is Andy Ngo. Either filming himself or aggregating video clips from his network of mostly clandestine collaborators, Ngo does the work mainstream journalists ignore either out of fear or ideological bias. If you watched Ngo’s videos over the past several months, you would know, without any doubt, that America’s mainstream “journalists” were biased cowards, unwilling to report what’s really happening in American cities because they thought it might harm the Biden campaign.

For his trouble, Ngo has been assaulted and demonized. But his level headed attention to facts and evidence, and nothing else, has meant he has survived online. Suppressed and demonetized, he nonetheless persists on all major platforms.

Until now. Yielding to pressure from the Left, PayPal has thrown Ngo off their payment platform. As he tweeted earlier today, pressure is building to get Ngo off of Patreon and SubscribeStar as well.

Expect to see this tactic amplified in the coming months and years, especially if Biden becomes president. The big tech platforms already act with near impunity, but with their allies running the federal executive branch, they’ll have no inhibitions whatsoever.

When people are deplatformed from YouTube, for example, they go to BitChute or Rumble or elsewhere, typically losing about 90 percent of their viewers. Most of them never recover more than a fraction of their former audience, and lose almost all access to new viewers. And as long as they survive on a major platform like YouTube, they are demonetized. But taking away the ability of an online content provider to collect donations on the payment platforms, to-date, has been relatively infrequent.

That’s changing fast. In the wave of deplatformings immediately prior to the election – mostly done to stop “Q conspiracy” websites (translation: people who were posting videos documenting the Biden laptop scandal and other embarrassments to the anti-Trump establishment) – several of those who were thrown off YouTube also had their bank accounts and payment platforms cancelled. In this video, of the victims, Polly St. George (aka “Amazing Polly“), explains how this happened to her.

One of the first victims of deplatforming, Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff (aka “Red Ice TV“), not only were thrown off YouTube and other major platforms, and were not only thrown off all donation platforms, but they were added to the so-called “MATCH List.” MATCH stands for “Member Alert To Control High-risk merchants.”  It’s a list, shared by all banks, of what used to be called the “Terminated Merchant File.” If you get added to this list, it is almost impossible to open or maintain a credit card account with any bank.

People may criticize any of these content providers, but understand what’s happening. These “undesirables” are not merely being silenced, they are being completely destroyed economically. The MATCH list used to be reserved for terrorists and drug cartels. Now it’s being used to silence free speech.

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