Suppressed Opinions on COVID Vaccines

It is a shame that America’s establishment institutions have become obvious purveyors of an agenda-driven narrative, irrespective of the actual truth. For those of us who weren’t sure if this was so prior to the Trump presidency, it became obvious once he got elected in 2016. For four years, with straight faces, mainstream television news anchors spewed blatant falsities, verifiable by anyone who actually watched the events being covered. The fix got even more obvious in the runup to the 2020 election, as websites and social media channels were deleted by the tens of thousands, denying viewers the opportunity to decide for themselves truth from falsehood.

The COVID pandemic made this reality of censorship even more obvious – and to what end? In any pandemic there are four steps that public health authorities take. They mandate social distancing, they develop early stage treatment protocols, they develop late stage treatment protocols, and they work on a vaccine. But with COVID, part two was largely ignored. Not only ignored, but maligned. Information was suppressed or minimized over any suggested early stage treatment, from the much condemned HCQ to more standard therapies such steroids to reduce deadly inflammation. Why?

When institutions lose credibility, society begins to fall apart. The COVID pandemic could have been handled differently, and maybe it only attacked the aged and the weakened, but attack it did. There were well over 600,000 “excess deaths” in the U.S. during the twelve month period from 4/01/2020 through 3/31/2021, when compared to the averages for the previous six years. This data is readily available from the CDC (download CDC Excel data). But then again, there are millions of people now in America who don’t even believe this statistic from the CDC. And why should they?

Which brings us to the vaccines. Brought to market in record time, are they saving lives, or has COVID already run its course? How effective are they? What are the long-term effects of taking them? Will people have to take boosters every year? Will “vaccine passports” become a fact of life around the world? Are these vaccines breeding more virulent COVID variants? Some of these questions can’t be answered because nobody knows. Others will not be answered, or even discussed. Why? The only thing we know for certain is that vaccine manufacturers are going to make hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions, and the powers of central governments around the world just got far, far more intrusive.

One of the last refuges of dissident content are podcasts, because they are lengthy, audio only, and hence difficult to monitor. Here are two podcasts produced by Del Bigtree, one with world renowned vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, and one with award-winning virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. Both of them discuss the global COVID vaccine rollout. Their observations are disquieting, to put it mildly. Are they correct in the observations? Who knows? But their credibility is no less than the credibility of the propaganda machine to which our supposedly intrepid establishment media has been reduced.

So is it wrong to listen to these contrarian viewpoints before deciding whether or not to take the vaccine?

We think not.

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