Andy Ngo Thrown Off PayPal, Other Payment Platforms May Follow

One of the most daring and honest journalists in America is Andy Ngo. Either filming himself or aggregating video clips from his network of mostly clandestine collaborators, Ngo does the work mainstream journalists ignore either out of fear or ideological bias. If you watched Ngo’s videos over the past several months, you would know, without any doubt, that America’s mainstream “journalists” were biased cowards, unwilling to report what’s really happening in American cities because they thought it might harm the Biden campaign.

For his trouble, Ngo has been assaulted and demonized. But his level headed attention to facts and evidence, and nothing else, has meant he has survived online. Suppressed and demonetized, he nonetheless persists on all major platforms.

Until now. Yielding to pressure from the Left, PayPal has thrown Ngo off their payment platform. As he tweeted earlier today, pressure is building to get Ngo off of Patreon and SubscribeStar as well.

Expect to see this tactic amplified in the coming months and years, especially if Biden becomes president. The big tech platforms already act with near impunity, but with their allies running the federal executive branch, they’ll have no inhibitions whatsoever.

When people are deplatformed from YouTube, for example, they go to BitChute or Rumble or elsewhere, typically losing about 90 percent of their viewers. Most of them never recover more than a fraction of their former audience, and lose almost all access to new viewers. And as long as they survive on a major platform like YouTube, they are demonetized. But taking away the ability of an online content provider to collect donations on the payment platforms, to-date, has been relatively infrequent.

That’s changing fast. In the wave of deplatformings immediately prior to the election – mostly done to stop “Q conspiracy” websites (translation: people who were posting videos documenting the Biden laptop scandal and other embarrassments to the anti-Trump establishment) – several of those who were thrown off YouTube also had their bank accounts and payment platforms cancelled. In this video, of the victims, Polly St. George (aka “Amazing Polly“), explains how this happened to her.

One of the first victims of deplatforming, Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff (aka “Red Ice TV“), not only were thrown off YouTube and other major platforms, and were not only thrown off all donation platforms, but they were added to the so-called “MATCH List.” MATCH stands for “Member Alert To Control High-risk merchants.”  It’s a list, shared by all banks, of what used to be called the “Terminated Merchant File.” If you get added to this list, it is almost impossible to open or maintain a credit card account with any bank.

People may criticize any of these content providers, but understand what’s happening. These “undesirables” are not merely being silenced, they are being completely destroyed economically. The MATCH list used to be reserved for terrorists and drug cartels. Now it’s being used to silence free speech.

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Red Ice TV Ends Up on MATCH List – A Total Bank Boycott

Red Ice TV was kicked off YouTube nearly two years ago, in October 2018. At that time they had 334,000 YouTube subscribers and their videos had been viewed nearly 50 million times. Since being forced onto BitChute, their subscriber base is back up to 37,000; they have an order of magnitude less reach.

Apparently that’s not good enough. Now the foes of Red Ice TV have just gotten them added to the “MATCH List.” Never heard of that? Few people have. MATCH stands for “Member Alert To Control High-risk merchants.”  It’s a list, shared by all banks, of what used to be called the “Terminated Merchant File.” If you get added to this list, it is almost impossible to open or maintain a credit card account with any bank. Get on this list, you will never be able to accept credit cards again.

Here are some of the reasons you can get added to the MATCH List.

• 02 Common Point of Purchase
• 03 Laundering
• 04 Excessive Chargebacks
• 05 Excessive Fraud
• 07 Fraud Conviction
• 08 Mastercard Questionable Merchant Audit Program
• 09 Bankruptcy/Liquidation/Insolvency
• 10 Violation of Standards
• 11 Merchant Collusion
• 12 PCI-DSS Non-compliance
• 13 Illegal Transactions
• 14 Identity Theft

But Red Ice didn’t do any of these things. They aren’t criminals. They got added to the MATCH list because they engage in speech that is unwelcome to left wing pressure groups.

Do we agree with everything Red Ice TV produces? No. Do we concur with them on everything they say? No. So what? Why should we even have to issue that disclaimer? This is a matter of principle. Even if Red Ice engages in “hate speech,” and that is debatable, isn’t hate speech protected by the First Amendment, and wasn’t that recently upheld by a unanimous decision at the U.S. Supreme Court?

No matter. Break certain unwritten rules, and you will not only be pushed into remote corners of the internet, but you may also lose your ability to conduct online commerce.

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