Facebook Ramps Up Manipulative, Biased Content

For those who have been deplatformed, Facebook was never just a “platform,” it was always a publishing empire with an editorial agenda. That reality is becoming more explicit, as Facebook’s expressions of editorial prerogative move increasingly in the direction of producing its own content.

A new online resource working to expose Facebook’s status as a publisher, not a platform, is erasebook.info. The latest post on erasebook criticizes Facebook’s launch of a “climate change information center.” Like Facebook’s other “information centers” – which focus on COVID-19 information and “Voting Information,” there is an obvious political agenda – or editorial position – underlying the content they’re providing.

Offering one-sided, supposedly objective content that pushes for “zero net carbon emissions,” and claiming the information is all “science based” is manipulative, misleading, and dangerous. It fails to acknowledge the downside of draconian restrictions on energy choices, and it discredits science.

Facebook’s “information center” on COVID-19 is equally biased. Their agenda is exemplified by their recent flagging of posts from Tucker Carlson as “false information.” Carlson’s transgression? Having a Chinese virologist on his program who claimed “the virus is not from nature.”

Facebook is going to have a lot of explaining to do, the next time it faces a judge or a congressional panel that questions its status as a “platform,” exempt from publisher liability.

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Parler’s “Erasebook” Makes the Case Against Facebook

Facebook is evil. So goes Parler’s new website, erasebook.info, which makes “The Case Against Facebook.” They even provide detailed instructions on how to download your entire Facebook history and then delete your Facebook account.

If you want a good summary of all the ways Facebook is manipulating our minds and monitoring our thoughts, this new website is a good place to start. Launched in August, erasebook has posts diving into topics such as Facebook’s decision to block posts defending Kyle Rittenhouse, or even searches for “Kyle Rittenhouse,” as well as links to fundraising campaigns for Rittenhouse.

A recent article on erasebook exposes how Facebook is deleting posts alleging leftist organizations started wildfires in Oregon, claiming they’re “conspiracy theories.” Other articles explain how Facebook makes deceptive claims about user privacy, allegedly uses your phone’s mic to record your conversations, and of course, shaping the 2020 election outcomes.

Erasebook offers compilations of the lawsuits against Facebook, an “evil list” of the “30 most dangerous tech companies,” reports on congressional anti-trust hearings against these “technoauthoritarians,” and much more.

Parler’s motivation for launching its erasebook campaign is obvious enough. They want to drive people off Facebook and onto Parler. They’re up against the massive advantage Facebook has in membership, nearly three billion vs just over three million. To compete with Facebook, they’ll also have to add – to name a just a few – groups, live chat, video, and better search functions.

But it is terrific to see a well organized and ongoing assault on one of the most powerful and problematic companies in the history of the world.

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Twitter Maintains Ban on Laura Loomer

In November 2018, Laura Loomer was banned from Twitter. As reported by NBC, Loomer’s “in the tweet in question, Loomer called Ilhan Omar ‘anti Jewish’ and said she is a member of a religion in which ‘homosexuals are oppressed’ and ‘women are abused’ and ‘forced to wear the hijab.'” In response, “Loomer insisted that she did not violate Twitter’s terms. ‘Everything I said is 100 percent true and factual. It’s not malicious, it’s not mean, it’s not hateful'”

What is it about Twitter that motivates them to scrupulously police anything critical of Islam, yet anti-Semitic and anti-Christian speech on their platform gets a pass? Ilhan Omar herself has been accused of anti-Semitic tweets, many of which she deleted. But no ban for Omar. And what precisely was it that Loomer said on Twitter that violated their terms of service?

Loomer, a master of performance journalism, gained additional notoriety in January 2019, when she recruited three Guatemalan day laborers and brought them to Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley mansion. Hopping the fence, and filming the entire time, Loomer challenged Pelosi to welcome these immigrants into her home. Hilarious? Yes. Apropos? Definitely. The sort of material that gets someone banned from social media platforms? No.

Now Loomer has won the Republican Party nomination to compete in the general election for Florida’s 21st congressional seat. In this heavily Democratic district, the odds are against Loomer. But as a legitimate congressional candidate for a mainstream political party, might Twitter reinstate Loomer’s account? No. In response to an inquiry from Politico, the company issued a statement as follows: “The account owner you referenced was permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules, and we do not plan to reverse that enforcement action.”

Loomer has been banned from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as other platforms like PayPal, Venmo and Uber. Expect more of this. Here is a list of Twitter bans and suspensions.

People have very limited rights with private companies. Loomer is not the only outspoken right-of-center person who has been denied not only access to communications platforms like Twitter, but also financial services like PayPal and Venmo, as well as Uber. Really? Uber? Imagine that: You’re an outspoken right-of-center commentator, so Uber drivers aren’t able to give you a ride. Where will this end?

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YouTube Terminates Vincent James O’Connor

This week YouTube terminated the account of Vincent James O’Connor, whose “Red Elephants” channel produced daily videos that had earned him nearly 400,000 subscribers.

YouTube, as usual, provided no information for the ban. O’Connor’s content, while certainly unpalatable to the politically correct, included diligent research. He backed up his arguments with well documented facts that cannot easily be found anywhere, much less on any mainstream media. He certainly said nothing that wouldn’t be protected under the First Amendment.

In anticipation of being banned, O’Connor launched a BitChute channel, The Red Elephants, but even with already 40,000 subscribers it has nowhere near the reach of the original, which took several years, and thousands of hours of work. And that is the intention of big tech censorship; to erase the work of right-wing dissidents, and make them start over.

O’Connor can also still be found on Telegram, DLive, Parler, and Gab, but as we’ve seen with other banned channels that have migrated to these alternatives, so far none of them have managed to attract even a small fraction of the subscribers and views they’d acquired on YouTube.

Like it or not YouTube has a near monopoly on the online audience for long-form videos. Even when relentlessly suppressed, dissident voices on YouTube reach far more viewers than they will anywhere else.

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Facebook Threatens to Cancel Hodge Twins

Over the past few years the Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin Hodge, have morphed from being a comedy act to becoming pro-Trump political activists. Which is to say they’ve committed two crimes against political correctness, they’re pro-Trump, and they make jokes about that. They poke fun at Trump’s critics, which is unforgivable.

And once again we therefore have the prospect of cancelling. In this case Facebook, where the Hodge Twins have nearly six million followers, has imposed “Page Restrictions.” As the Hodge Twins have shared via a screen shot posted to their Twitter account, “Your page is at risk of being unpublished because of continued Community Standards violations.”

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not publishers. They are platforms. They have federally granted exemption from publisher’s liability because they are platforms. This means they can’t cancel people just because, yet again, a well organized group of militant left-wing activists (including people working for, and running these companies) want them to.

Let’s see what happens to the Hodge Twins. This can’t go on.

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“Shadowgate” Video Exposes Big Tech Agenda

To expose the grip Big Tech wields on how we communicate and access information only reveals a fraction of their power. A troubling video released on August 15 by online journalist Millie Weaver (“Millennial Millie”) called “Shadowgate” alleges that government-directed and funded private contractors are using radical new technologies to manipulate public opinion and retool law enforcement. Weaver’s video only lasted a few days on Facebook and YouTube, but can still be found on BitChute.

We should wonder how YouTube justified the Shadowgate video being “removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech,” or, why Millie Weaver was arrested a few days before she released her video.

The whistleblowers interviewed in the Shadowgate video—who do not enjoy whistleblower protection because they worked for private contractors, not the government—explained how it is now possible, using existing online surveillance assets and AI programs, for private contractors to “get inside their minds, know what makes them angry, happy, get into their world, know everything about them, their friends, their secrets, their injuries, use their fears, their anxieties to control their behavior”—for every individual person in America.

Where mental manipulation fails, there is law enforcement. In this realm as well, Big Tech is ushering in a paradigm-shifting revolution. In the Shadowgate video, the people interviewed allege that the anti-racist “defund the police” movement, as well as the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and even provisions of the “Green New Deal,” are all being used to facilitate this paradigm shift.

As they put it: “AI and robotics for law enforcement are already here. There is an international push for autonomous law enforcement to remove the human factor. The objective is full integration of all data including the internet of things, autonomous patrol robots, autonomous drones, computer vision software, tracking and tracking systems, nanotech vaccines, contact tracing apps, predictive modeling for social distancing, and forecasting tools such as systems and methods for electronically monitoring everyone to determine potential risk.”

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Black Patriots

Probably the biggest victims of mainstream media suppression and online censorship are America’s black conservative patriots. And for that reason, they are well represented here. Black Christian Patriots that have made it into the Winston84 catalog include Jay McCaney, Pastor Mark Burns, Star Parker, Stacy Dash, Jesse Lee Peterson and Charrise Lane. But that’s not all.

There are plenty of Black Western Warriors as well in the Winston84 catalog of suppressed voices, including Allen West, Antonia Okafor, Bryson Gray, CJ Pearson, Chandler Crump, Anthony Brian Logan, Jermain Botsio, David J Harris Jr, Lynnett Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson (Diamond and Silk), Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge (The Hodgetwins), Mind of Jamal, Brandon Tatum, Shekinah Geist, Taleed Brown, Jon Miller, and the “legendary black redneck,” Joel Patrick!

There are so many! Are you kidding? Why aren’t these guys in CNN? Why don’t they come up in Google searches?

We know the answer to that.

And there are more: What about Black Free Speech Allies such as Candace Owens, Dr. Carol Swain, and Larry Elder, or Black Irreverent Investigators like Derrick Blackman and Terrence K Williams? There are so many here, and so many more we still have to find. Despite being marginalized by the establishment, the collective reach of these black patriots extends to millions, probably tens of millions, of Americans.

Would everybody in the Winston84 catalog agree with everybody else, on every issue of our time? Of course not. But they are all members of the suppressed right-wing in America. And together they constitute a rainbow coalition where there is substantial common ground. Unified, they would not only be unstoppable, they could politically realign America in a most positive way.

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The Medical Industrial Complex

If you look hard enough, you may find the video released in July 2020 by “America’s Frontline Doctors.” Here it is, posted by Gabriel Ng on BitChute. If you search Google using the terms “America’s Frontline Doctors” you will find every one of the page one search results are links to articles discrediting these doctors. That’s the only perspective you will find in any cursory search online.

Another source of videos offering similarly contrarian views on the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine can be found on the website “Watch Uncensored.” The links here are not only to additional doctors testifying to the possible efficacy of Hydroxychlorquine, but also to discuss the possible hidden agenda behind the suppression of what could be cheap and widely available medical treatments. One of the videos, entitled “Plandemic Movie,” has been driven off all mainstream online platforms.

Going even deeper, this video posted by The Corbett Report offers a fascinating expose on Bill Gates, and the vision that Gates and others have for all humanity. Viewers may differ on just how bad this all may turn out, but nobody concerned about our future should ignore this information.

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What Is This Q Anon?

If you have heard vague references to “Q” and are wondering what it’s all about, refer to our catalog of Q websites, which are part of the “Irreverent Investigators” category on Winston84.

There you will find Q Alerts, Q News Corner, QMap, and Qanon Posts. We’re not saying there’s a conspiracy, but we will suggest it is better to be familiar with what these investigators are saying than to stay in the dark. Even if you reject many of the fundamental premises of what has become a movement, there may be useful information to be found. There are gems of wisdom and revelation that will stimulate the mind.

Other highly subscribed sources of alternative news and analysis include Red Pill 78, SpaceShot76, and the X22 Report. It is possible for reasonable people to look at the same set of facts and come up with entirely different conclusions. It is also often difficult to know what is fact and what is fake. But just because content is suppressed and stigmatized does not mean it should be ignored. The opposite can sometimes be true. You decide.

But watch out. You are going down the rabbit hole…

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Debunking the Climate Crisis

If the corporate socialist political establishment that ran America up until the Trump era ever regains power, expect policies to mitigate the “climate crisis” to shift into high gear. Finding people willing to share contrarian information and theories regarding global climate change is not easy.

So called climate deniers are either ignored by the mainstream media of if they are covered, it is only to disparage them. Unless you know where to look online, you will not find them. They will never show up in your social media feed or as a suggested video. But we have found and cataloged over 30 of them here, listed under the category “Climate Skeptics.”

Nobody who really wants to get at the truth about global climate should ignore these scientists and investigative journalists. For example, Judith Curry, an American climatologist and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, runs a website that is “a forum for climate researchers, academics and technical experts from other fields, citizen scientists, and the interested public to engage in a discussion on topics related to climate science and the science-policy interface.”

One of the people Curry recently highlighted is economist Bjorn Lomborg, who has tirelessly explained the economic realities that constrain “climate mitigation” policies, as well as how the resources used to fight climate change can be put to so much better use addressing more pressing issues facing humanity.

A relatively recent entrant into the climate debate is Thomas Richard’s “Climate Change Dispatch,” offering a very active forum for the discussion of human-caused global warming, the climate, plus other environmental and science news.

Climate alarm is being used to fundamentally warp political debate and public policy in America and throughout the world. Dig beneath the surface, and you will find very little of it has to do with climate, or even the environment.

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