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In the few months since Winston84 has been fully activated, we have received hundreds of suggestions, encouragement, comments, and even a few trolls have shared their thoughts. To all who reached out, even the trolls: Thank you. All of you are invited to use the Contact Us page and tell us what you’re thinking.

In particular, we very much want to discover new providers of alternative content to add to our directory. The only way we’re going to find those who are being suppressed is by hearing about them from people who found them before the algorithms.

One of our newest additions is Mr. Obvious, whose reach is suppressed on all the big platforms, and whose YouTube videos have just been demonetized. Mr. Obvious has been recently producing a lot of content offering information on the contested presidential election. Information that you will never find in the mainstream press. That fact, plus the choice of name – Mr. Obvious – makes this content producer a new favorite.

After all, never mind ballots arriving by the hundreds of thousands at 4 a.m. after “counting was stopped for the night,” but only in swing states. Never mind voting machines that, apparently, any moderately talented nerd can hack and cook. Never mind “tranches” of votes, by the thousands and all for Biden, erroneously stacking the tallies because of “upload malfunctions.” Never mind same-day registration, ballot harvesting, no voter ID requirements, or missing signatures and postmarks. Never mind that Trump earned nearly 6 million votes in California, a 35 percent improvement over his 2016 performance, actually increasing his share of total votes from 31.6 to 34.3 percent, yet lost in fracking Pennsylvania.

Two other new additions to the Winston84 directory are Englishman James Delingpole, a passionate intellectual and lover of freedom who we should have added long ago, and Australian Daisy Cousens, self-described “flamethrower and feminist apostate.”

Starting in 2016, picking up steam in 2018 and becoming frighteningly obvious this year are two things: online censorship is pervasive and is relentlessly escalating, and there is nothing you will read or view on the establishment media that you can trust anymore. Everything now has to be verified independently.

Also obvious, but not nearly as frightening as the censors and media NPCs would have you believe, is the fact that not everything you’ll find in the alternative media is accurate. But thank God it exists. Tell us who they are. We will feature them here.

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Tracking the Migration Away From Censorship

In response to viewer suggestions, Winston84 has added profile descriptions to its search function. This means you can find profiles that have information that is noted in the profile description, expanding the ability to locate sites with specific content that is suppressed by the censors.

For example, if you enter “Plandemic” in the search box, you will now be directed to the profile for Watch Uncensored, with a link to their website where they post banned videos including the “Plandemic Movie” and the “Plandemic Sequel.”

Similarly, if you enter “Clinton Body Count” in the search box, you will now be directed to the profile for Dark to Light, where Robert Horan maintains the list of recently departed on his website – go “Deep State” on the navigation bar and select “Clinton Body Count” on the drop down menu. Horan also maintains a more extensive list on a Twitter thread on his Twitter account. That’s harder to find, so here’s the link.

By the way, thanks to the limitations of algorithms, when you enter “Clinton Body Count” you also will see a result for Count Dankula, a comedian who has also managed to offend the censors. Dankula, whose videos offer hilarious satire, earned his place in Winston84’s directory because he trained his girlfriend’s dog to do a Nazi salute and was convicted in a Scottish court of “inciting race hatred.” Oops.

It is important to issue a disclaimer here: We don’t know if the allegations made in the Plandemic videos are accurate, any more than we know if the scores of deaths suffered by former associates of the Clintons are the result of foul play. What we do know, however, is that there is a coordinated attempt to suppress this material, and we believe that is wrong.

In another new development, Winston84 has added Rumble to the array of platforms we monitor. When you visit the profile for The Hodge Twins, or for Kaitlin Bennett (Liberty Hangout), among their other links, you will see links to their channels on Rumble.

It is impossible to predict how lovers of free speech and defenders of the First Amendment will respond to the ongoing censorship. The ways that free and open communication are being suppressed escalate continuously. Will America descend to the levels witnessed in China and Russia, where dissidents have to use virtual private networks? And while a VPN can protect a viewer from scrutiny, what about the content producers?

We welcome suggestions and ideas, and remain committed to sharing them here.

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WordPress Deplatforms Conservative Treehouse

As announced on their website, one week after the 2020 presidential election, The Conservative Treehouse received the following notification from WordPress:

”Given the incompatibility between your site’s content and our terms, you need to find a new hosting provider and must migrate the site by Wednesday, December 2nd.”

The good news, such as it is, rests in the fact that the company WordPress is kicking The Conservative Treehouse off of their hosting servers, but they are not banning them from using WordPress software as the authoring application for their website. That would be much harder, because the WordPress application is open source software and is not directly owned by the company WordPress.

Nonetheless this represents another escalation in the war against free speech online. WordPress may not directly control their app, but it is closely linked to their hosting business. If any entity might successfully find a way to restrict the ability of users to author websites using the WordPress app, it would be the company WordPress. This bears close attention going forward, given the high percentage of websites that are built in WordPress. And of course, like all companies that are deplatforming conservative content, WordPress provided no specific example of how The Conservative Treehouse violated their terms of service.

It will be relatively easy for the operators of The Conservative Treehouse to move their site, extensive as it is, onto a new host. They will have to preserve their legacy URLs and their archives, but these migrations are commonplace as website operators find new hosting services as their traffic and other needs change over time.

What WordPress has done, however, is consistent with attacks that are increasing on all fronts. The most obvious and publicized is deplatforming by the social media monopolies: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. But the crowdfunding platforms (the big three are PatreonGoFundMe, and SubscribeStar) have ejected thousands of websites, and in every case, when they migrate to a new crowdfunding platform they lose all of their paying subscribers and have to start over. The payment processors – and only two, PayPal and Stripe have captured nearly the entire market –  are also ejecting clients they find undesirable.

The ultimate sanction, already happening, is for ISPs (Internet Service Providers, i.e., Verizon, AT&T) to block URLs they find undesirable, or for banks to put individuals they find undesirable on the MATCH list, which makes it impossible to operate a merchant account to process credit card transactions. The MATCH list was formerly reserved for members of organized crime and terrorists, but now it’s being used against content providers. ISP blocks and MATCH list sanctions are already happening, and the victims are becoming both more numerous and less extremist. When the ISPs blocked Stormfront, few people cared. But that was just the beginning. Where will it end?

The Conservative Treehouse, with a US Alexa rank of 3,647, attracts between 500,000 and 1.0 million unique viewers per day. It is one of the preeminent sources of alternative news in an age, sadly, when nothing the establishment media produces can be trusted.

Alternative media must prepare for the possibility that all conventional avenues of content delivery will eventually get blocked – by the authoring apps, the hosts, the ISPs, social media platforms, crowdfunding sites, payment processors, and banks. How far will these powerful entities go to stop people from publishing what they believe, and how wide will they cast their net?

With difficulty, but without any doubt, The Conservative Treehouse is going to land on its feet. This time. But what comes next?

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Alternative News Sources – The New Honest Mainstream

Winston84 features a directory where every single profile we’ve included has something valuable to offer. Even those we find controversial are included for a reason – within the content they produce are ideas and facts you cannot find anywhere in the establishment media. And they have a right to be heard.

According to conservative columnist David Goldman, writing for PJ Media, Google is on the verge of completely eliminating content they find “offensive.” What may give offense? As we know, anything considered “hate speech,” as well as anything deemed “misinformation.” Expect that to include not just reasons why police are not systemically racist, or examples of alternative COVID-19 therapies, or corruption in the Biden family, or video and testimonial evidence of election fraud. No, expect far broader classifications of “offensive” material.

Imminent, for example, is complete suppression of anything that questions the “climate crisis.” The only reason that hasn’t happened already is because, at least during 2020, it wasn’t useful. The race riots supposedly triggered by the death of George Floyd, plus the COVID-19 pandemic, provided ample crises with which to remake and reset society (including elections). But the “climate crisis” will take banishment of “misinformation” to the next level.

Censorship over the past four years has been expanding logarithmically. In the last few weeks prior to the election it became blatant and brazen; its practitioners became indifferent to exposure. And everyone is in on it – the press, the establishment media, big tech, and powerful factions within the federal government and the intelligence community. The First Amendment hangs by a thread.

So to dig deep, really deep, browse through the many content providers on Winston. To just get reliable daily news, consider these six sources; they are as honest as we’re going to find:

Live online video feeds can be found on the website links for NewsMax, One America News, and The National Pulse. NewsMax and One America can also be found on cable television channels across the U.S.

For an anthology of links, updated daily, along with original reporting, don’t miss a visit to Revolver News.

Investigative reporting of unparalleled depth and honesty can be found at The Epoch Times.

And investigative videos exposing, day after day, the activities of BLM and Antifa can be found thanks to one of the last courageous journalists in America, Andy Ngo.

 *   *   *

Andy Ngo Thrown Off PayPal, Other Payment Platforms May Follow

One of the most daring and honest journalists in America is Andy Ngo. Either filming himself or aggregating video clips from his network of mostly clandestine collaborators, Ngo does the work mainstream journalists ignore either out of fear or ideological bias. If you watched Ngo’s videos over the past several months, you would know, without any doubt, that America’s mainstream “journalists” were biased cowards, unwilling to report what’s really happening in American cities because they thought it might harm the Biden campaign.

For his trouble, Ngo has been assaulted and demonized. But his level headed attention to facts and evidence, and nothing else, has meant he has survived online. Suppressed and demonetized, he nonetheless persists on all major platforms.

Until now. Yielding to pressure from the Left, PayPal has thrown Ngo off their payment platform. As he tweeted earlier today, pressure is building to get Ngo off of Patreon and SubscribeStar as well.

Expect to see this tactic amplified in the coming months and years, especially if Biden becomes president. The big tech platforms already act with near impunity, but with their allies running the federal executive branch, they’ll have no inhibitions whatsoever.

When people are deplatformed from YouTube, for example, they go to BitChute or Rumble or elsewhere, typically losing about 90 percent of their viewers. Most of them never recover more than a fraction of their former audience, and lose almost all access to new viewers. And as long as they survive on a major platform like YouTube, they are demonetized. But taking away the ability of an online content provider to collect donations on the payment platforms, to-date, has been relatively infrequent.

That’s changing fast. In the wave of deplatformings immediately prior to the election – mostly done to stop “Q conspiracy” websites (translation: people who were posting videos documenting the Biden laptop scandal and other embarrassments to the anti-Trump establishment) – several of those who were thrown off YouTube also had their bank accounts and payment platforms cancelled. In this video, of the victims, Polly St. George (aka “Amazing Polly“), explains how this happened to her.

One of the first victims of deplatforming, Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff (aka “Red Ice TV“), not only were thrown off YouTube and other major platforms, and were not only thrown off all donation platforms, but they were added to the so-called “MATCH List.” MATCH stands for “Member Alert To Control High-risk merchants.”  It’s a list, shared by all banks, of what used to be called the “Terminated Merchant File.” If you get added to this list, it is almost impossible to open or maintain a credit card account with any bank.

People may criticize any of these content providers, but understand what’s happening. These “undesirables” are not merely being silenced, they are being completely destroyed economically. The MATCH list used to be reserved for terrorists and drug cartels. Now it’s being used to silence free speech.

 *   *   *

Fraudulent Claims of Fraud Doesn’t Mean There’s No Fraud

By now anyone trying to find evidence of election fraud has uncovered cases where the allegations were false. But sort of like the Clinton Body Count, while it may all just be a bunch of hooey, there is too much evidence for anyone to dismiss it all as unfounded without thought or examination. The sources of election irregularities summarized here are listed in approximate order of how far down the rabbit hole they reside, and hence, how much they are either suppressed or outright banned on the major online platforms.

All of these sources put forward interesting claims. It is our right to see them, and decide for ourselves what to believe.

We’ll start with our own partners, the editors at American Greatness. Their lineup of articles currently dealing with post-election irregularities are too numerous to list, and all of them are good. Find them on the AG home page, and in particular, read “Let’s Take Stock of Where We Are,” by the incomparable Michael Anton.

Joining American Greatness as one of those “mainstream adjacent” sources that are too credible to be banned, but nonetheless putting forward material you can’t find anywhere in the sanitized, properly housebroken media, would be The American Mind. Much of their recent material also covers election irregularities, and again our top recommendation is another very recent article by Michael Anton entitled “Game on for the Coup.” Anton, who has been predicting a coup for several months, achieved fame in 2016 with his essay “The Flight 93 Election,” where he compared the American people to passengers on the ill fated Flight 93 back on 9/11/2001, where they faced a terrible choice: either try to gain control of the cockpit (elect Trump) and possibly survive, or do nothing (elect Clinton) and face certain death. Anton, at the time, had to write that essay anonymously. We have come a long way.

To start down the rabbit hole, read everything on the new website Revolver, a news aggregator that is better than Drudge was when Drudge was at its best. In particular, read “The Steal Is On. What Republicans Must Do Next To Guarantee Victory.” Written on November 4, details in this article have been overtaken by events, but the agenda laid out by the editors bears close review.

To dive well into the rabbit hole, an article appearing on the infamous media empire known as Infowars asks a rather pertinent question “Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators in Swing States?” And, we might add, not in states unless they’re swing states. Infowars can be hyperbolic at times, but they offer rare nuggets of valuable truth between the lines of hogwash, and in this article the author has their facts straight.

At the bottom of the rabbit hole – not that this list is even remotely complete – find the enigmatic BitChute channel “TruthVideos1984.” We recommend watching three videos on this channel which is a video aggregator. One particularly intriguing video claims that Trump supporters in the government “watermarked every ballot with a QFS blockchain encryption code,” which will allow them to expose any counterfeit ballots. Another is a live interview with a poll watcher who claims ballots have been turned in with no names on them. Finally, on a video originally posted by Veritas, a U.S. postal worker admits they were instructed to collect ballots after the election cutoff so they could be backdated.

President Trump may or may not prevail in his bid for reelection. And if he is not reelected, we will never know to what extent his loss was due to fraud. There is no question America’s system of voting is rife with opportunities to commit fraud. It is ludicrous to believe fraud is not taking place, and shameful for the media and online communications gatekeepers to suppress any discussion of possible fraud. This problem, as the president has said repeatedly, is much bigger than this election.

 *   *   *

The Red Elephant Compiles a List of Channels Banned by YouTube

Vincent James O’Connor, aka, the Red Elephant, was banished from YouTube after accumulating over 300,000 subscribers. One of the last survivors of the first wave of terminations, O’Connor lasted until August 2020. He survives on Parler, BitChute, DLive, Gab, and Telegram. To-date, his presence on fundraising platforms also remains intact.

One of the values of watching Red Videos is O’Connor’s propensity to dig up inconvenient facts from primary sources. His work relies on data from the FBI, the DOJ, the U.S. Census Bureau, not on quotes from other journalists. For this reason, whatever opinions O’Connor may also share about current events, his facts have integrity. Often they can’t easily be found anywhere else.

A good example of this is an article posted on the Red Elephants entitled “Why Black Criminality is a Much Bigger Problem Than Racism or Police Brutality.” A title like that is enough to alarm the censors, but the facts in the article are what should matter. These are the same facts that are also cited by Black conservatives. O’Connor, for his part, has reached out to Black conservatives, and has suggested they might share many common political goals – such as support for America’s 45th president.

The most recent wave of banishments from YouTube has been hard to track. If you were to count every one of the channels that YouTube turned off, including the smallest ones, there would be thousands of casualties. O’Connor maintains a list of many of the most prominent victims of YouTube. This list is updated regularly, included on the list are many that were terminated in earlier waves.

O’Connor’s list is incomplete, but it’s one of the best we can find. Many of the people he has noted do not include links. Most of these people are already in our Winston84 directory, some of the remaining ones will be added.

We will say it again: The cure – censorship – is worse than the alleged disease – speech that is unwelcome to some people.

 *   *   *

“America’s Frontline Doctors” Should Not Be Censored

On July 27, a video that allegedly made “false coronavirus claims” was taken down by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but not before nearly 20 million people watched it.

The people in that video, led by Dr. Simone Gold, have formed a group called “America’s Frontline Doctors,” with a mission to “counter the massive disinformation campaign regarding the pandemic.” They have reestablished an online presence,on multiple platforms, although it is hard to find. Hence we have added their profile to the Winston84 directory.

The debate over the efficacy of Hydroxychlorquine has now completely disappeared from mainstream discussion. But Gold’s group, all of them MDs, maintain it can be used, especially in the early stages, to effectively treat COVID-19.

The even bigger question however is why medical doctors are, for what may be the first time in history, being harassed for prescribing HCQ, and being silenced for suggesting publicly that it has theraputic value in certain situations? And perhaps even bigger than that – why are Americans being trained to relinquish their constitutional rights whenever a “health emergency” is declared?

Which brings us to another profile we’ve just added, Debbie Georgatos, host of “America Can We Talk.” In a video released on 10/27, Georgato had this to say:

“The Left is planting the seed in the minds of the American people that a health threat legitimizes and justifies taking away the freedom of the people… when there’s a crisis, it is time to surrender our liberty.”

Watch out. Because COVID-19, and the next pandemic, and genuine medical issues, are not the only sources anymore of what the Left markets as a “health crisis.” Also being developed as a crisis of public health are the “right to housing,” systemic racism, and the climate emergency.

We’re going to learn a lot and endure a lot as we make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. But one lesson we must not forget, is that the Left is attempting to medicalize issues of public policy that have nothing to do with medicine. Don’t let them.

 *   *   *

W84 Adds Praying Medic, The High Wire, Border Hawk, and Pardon My American

Thanks to all who responded to the formal launch of our partnership with American Greatness over the weekend. Along with correcting and enhancing links on our existing records (now up to 299), we added four new ones.

Just added, and barely ahead of the censors, is the Praying Medic, already banned from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, but still hanging on to 417,000 followers on Twitter. Praying Medic, authored by Dave Hayes, is a member of the Q collective, which explains the banishments. Remember: Q is not about what the media claims. On a wide range of sensitive topics, Q is a hive mind of investigators uncovering information the media will not report on. Their right to speak must be defended.

Not as closely embroiled with Q (there is no clear delineation) but equally adept at uncovering news you will never see on traditional media is the insouciant trio, Dave, Greg, and Chris, “a podcast of patriots from the Northwest,” producing under the label “Pardon My American” on multiple platforms.

If you want to hear the other side of the debate over vaccination, as well as suppressed medical news relating to COVID-19, follow “The High Wire” with Del Bigtree.

Probably the most mainstream of the four newcomers is Border Hawk, which is sort of like Revolver, but the anthology of links they update daily focuses on one thing: Immigration. Border Hawk’s material is unlikely to ever get banned, but you’ll find valuable links there that won’t come up easily on the search engines. By the way, Revolver is what Drudge used to be and then some. Visit there regularly.

Along with many suggestions over the past few days, we’ve already heard from people who could not find a banned content producer, but have now found them again here, via the links we’ve posted to their new platforms. That’s why we’re doing this.

 *   *   *

Malcolm Flex Explains How AOC Politicized Twitch

Malcolm Flex, with 56,000 Twitter followers, has recently produced a must-watch video. His tweet accompanying this video says “Don’t underestimate today’s political power players just because they aren’t playing the same game as you.”

Flex leads off by saying “The paradigm is switching right now and it is switching so fast.” As an example he is referring to the new power of the Twitch platform as a political influencer, stating “Twitch is a hive for young minds, for young, unshapen, very bored minds.” In particular, he is referring to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s recent debut appearance as a player on Twitch, an appearance that attracted over 430,000 online participants.

In a 20 minute dialogue that should be required watching for every anti-socialist politician, strategist, and influencer in America, Flex explains how the anti-socialist movement is not recruiting the right young talent. He surveys the young players, from Chandler Crump to Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, and explains that while they are saying the right things, they lack the charisma to attract an army. He acknowledges the magnetism of the Hodge Twins, but reminds us that Keith and Kevin Hodge, at age 45, are a generation removed from the future voters that populate, for example, the Twitchosphere.

Displaying a knowledge of Twitch that shouldn’t, but does elude most political strategists, Flex marvels at the fact that AOC used Twitch not as a broadcaster, but as a player, to build a “simp army” (look it up – and don’t laugh, because they’ll all be voting in 2028). More generally, he observes that nobody holds a candle to AOC when it comes to branding.

As Flex warns, Twitch has now realized they can make money with political content. What if they go in the same direction as the other big platforms and censor or deboost conservatives? Twitch is owned by Amazon, so if they do, it should come as no surprise.

Malcolm Flex is a powerful new voice in anti-socialist politics.

 *   *   *